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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by janette, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. janette

    janette DIS Veteran

    Nov 23, 2001
    I'm going to WDW in May with my mom & sister. Both of their names & addresses are on the reservation. I got my ME travel pack a few days ago; we are arriving different days so I expected theirs soon.

    Talked to my mom today and she mentioned getting something in the mail about a trip to FL and thinking it was junk mail threw it out. Sounded like ME documents and I didn't think about telling her to watch for them expecting them to be sent to me. I called my sister and she also might have thrown them out.

    Do they send the travel documents to each person separately?

    Can I get them resent? I'd prefer to have the baggage tags since it makes the process smoother.
  2. safetymom

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    Aug 13, 2001
    If there is time they could probably resend. As long as she is signed up with DME she doesn't need the luggage tags. When she gets to the welcome desk they will take a description of the luggage and her baggage claim numbers and pull it and send it to the resort just like your luggage. Here is what Disney sends when there isn't time to get the tags.

    Your Disney’s Magical Express reservation has been made; however, you may not receive your Disney’s Magical
    Express booklet with luggage tags prior to departure for Orlando. Please be assured that you will still be able to
    utilize the service and receive the same seamless experience.
    Once you arrive at Orlando International Airport, you have two options:
    1) You can pick up your luggage at baggage claim and proceed directly to the Disney
    Welcome Center. You will be responsible for taking your luggage with you on the
    motor coach.
    2) Or you may proceed directly to the Disney Welcome Center. You do not need to claim
    your luggage. Disney will gather all of your information and collect your luggage for
    you and then deliver it to your resort room.
    IMPORTANT: Please pack any valuables, medications or anything needed immediately upon arrival into Orlando in
    a carry-on bag.
    Arrival at Orlando International Airport. Upon arrival, please take the tram from your gate to the main Terminal
    and proceed to the Disney Welcome Center which is located on the B Side on Level 1 and bypass baggage claim.
    If you arrive on the A Side, please proceed to the B Side before taking the elevator or escalator down to Level 1.
    You may follow the airport signs to Ground Transportation.
    At the Disney Welcome Center, please present your airline baggage claim checks to the Disney representative
    to confirm the number of bags* checked as well as your return flight information. You will then board a
    complimentary motor coach that will take you to your resort. Your motor coach may make up to 3 stops before
    arriving at your resort.
    Luggage delivery to the resort. Your luggage will be claimed at the airport and delivered to your room. Your
    luggage may take up to 3 hours after you check-in to be delivered. You do not need to be in your room to receive
    your luggage. Please note if you take your luggage on the motor coach it will not automatically be delivered to
    your room.
    Returning home. You will receive a Transportation Notice the day prior to check-out advising you of your motor
    coach pick-up time and other general information. Your motor coach pick-up time is based on your
    flight departure and will be approximately 3 hours prior to that time to allow for multiple stops by
    the motor coaches.
  3. goofy4tink

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    May 2, 2002
    Are you all booked on the same reservation? I realize you say you are arriving on different days, but are you in the same room? If you are on the same reservation, you will get only one DME packet. How many yellow luggage tags did you get? If you got two, just for yourself, then their packet must be coming to them. But not if they are on the same resort reservation. In that case, the primary person would get the packet and then have to send out the appropriate luggage tags to the others.
  4. CleveRocks

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    Mar 5, 2005
    Unless things have changed, DME sends only one packet per reservation (as long as there are no more than 4 people on the reservation). The packet is mailed to the "main" person on the reservation. It is then up to that person to distribute anything to others on the reservation.

    For example, (unless things have changed) each DME luggage tag has 2 names on it ... the top name is the "main" person on the reservation and the bottom name is the individual traveler. For the 2 tags earmarked for the "main person," the main person's name is listed twice.

    So unless things have changed, they will not get their own separate DME packets.
  5. janette

    janette DIS Veteran

    Nov 23, 2001
    Thanks; it sounds like I should be getting the DME packet. I do have 2 reservations. I'm arriving 2 days before and made a reservation for me solo and one for a room for 3 adults. My DME is attached to the 1st reservation and theirs is on the 2nd.

    Hopefully I'll get something next week and I'll call to verify if I don't.

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