MDE glitch? Everything missing (fp, adrs, resort reservation) Sept 11+

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That really doesn't have anything to do with the website issues. Probably better to take those complaints to a different thread.

You misread....I'm not complaining....everyone else seems to be

I get it.....but, if you follow these boards, there is an undercurrent of complaints about the whole Disney experience.

What use to be fun seems to be frustrating.

I'm wondering (trying to put into perspective) if OTHER places are as annoying.........

In THIS thread its about the MDE, on these boards its about everything (it seems)....


Oh, and I have experienced no glitches (yet) with my MDE experience. Mt daughter has.
There are at least 3 current MDX complaint threads running here on TPAS and because this one is the most off-topic at the moment, closing.
Not open for further replies.


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