May 9 - 14 ADR's - Advice? Input?

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    Feb 16, 2007
    This is what our trip looks like for food on the DDP: Any advice? Input?

    Day 1

    Head to AK
    Flametree BBQ for Q/S
    Mickey's Parade @ 4pm
    Head to Disney Dowtown
    Cap n' Jacks T/S
    Go to Disney Quest
    Grab a C/S at Earl of Sandwich late

    Day 2

    Head to MK for EMH
    Mainstreet Bakery for Bfast Snacks
    Cosmic Rays for Q/S @ lunch
    Take monorail to Polynesian for O'Hana T/S Dinner
    Back to MK until closing

    Day 3

    Head to Epcot
    Grab Bfast snack at Boulangerie Patisserie
    Yakitori House for C/S Lunch
    Head to Hotel for swim/naps
    Le cellier Steakhouse for T/S Dinner
    Beaches and Cream for Late Night Snack

    Day 4

    Head to MGM
    Early Lunch at 50's Prime Time Cafe
    Head to Hotel/Pool/Naps
    Back to Epcot for Dinner at Chefs De France T/S

    Day 5

    Head to Water park (BB?)/Mini Golf
    Eat C/S at Pepper Market @ Coronado Springs
    Go back to hotel, change, relax
    Head to MK
    Buffet Meal C/S at Tomorrowland Cafe
    Snacks later onsite

    Day 6

    Need cheap ideas (we'll be paying cash for foods). We won't leave the parks until around 3pm that afternoon so we have all day May 14th. We figured we'd hit AK for the early morning Safari, grab our own breakfast somewhere and catch some last minute AK shows before leaving for Home.

    All ideas/input is welcome!!
    Will we get enough to eat???


    PS this is our first trip to WDW and our first DDP! :eek: :yay: :dance3:

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