Marathon Weekend 2023


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Aug 4, 2009
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Belated SAFD: It turns out 18 miles on planet Hoth was a bad idea! ... but Dopey training is on track, despite the Grumpy face. :smooth:

I did my 18 miles for the 2018 MW in a storm that dropped almost 6 inches by the time I was done. It’s still one of my favorite ones to this day. I’m a psycho who loves running in the snow though. 😂


Apr 11, 2018
Good points! I’m definitely going to MK for some Photopass photos after the race (and a shower), but I like the idea that I can get even more photos at a later time.
I’ll be solo at MK Sunday afternoon and appreciate what getting good photos can mean- I may only have an iPhone, but I have lots of time and patience and I’m happy to do a (slightly less professional) photo shoot for you if want something to tide you over til the spring.


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Feb 15, 2017
I feel like there’s a story behind the red-winged blackbirds fear…😁
There’s a story behind each of those fears unfortunately, except maybe the ice slipping but that one is totally rational.

The birds are exceptionally territorial during nesting season and will swoop down and relentlessly peck at your head. It is not pleasant. I have learned that they won't swoop if I keep eye contact which results in a lot of twirling and me looking like I've lost my mind. I generally just avoid their areas during certain times of year.

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Nov 1, 2015
I'm so jealous of all the fall leaves pictures. I think I am going to try to find a half somewhere where you can see the leaves change.

This first one is dirt road, that is surprisingly well maintained, since it doesn't really lead anywhere (unless you are a rockhound there are some old mines at the end) even during our monsoon season. it's quite hilly thru here.

I do my long runs mostly along rural highways, normally there isn't hardly any traffic, except much of the land is BLM and its hunting season. So a bit more than normal, but people tend to give you lots room.

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May 15, 2008
3. Wait and book a MK session the last day of Springtime Surprise, and bring all of my 2023 medals (which would be all races from MW, PW, and SS).
In 2017, I ran the Rebel Challenge and Dark Side Challenge so I also got the Kessel Run and 10th anniversary Coast to Coast medals. For good measure, I decided to run Avengers Half in Disneyland so I hauled all of my medals to Disneyland for photos in Disneyland. Made for a lot of fun and it was nice to have Coast to Coast medal photos in Disneyland.
I had good luck with the photopass photographers at MK after this year's Dopey, and it was something I was already paying for. If the photos aren't GREAT you know you still have the session after Springtime Surprise. And with the individual attention the CYM gives you, you could easily do some really cool stuff with different combos of medals.
I've gotten some great photos with the regular PhotoPass photographers in the parks. Many have come up with cool ideas on their own (one used a shutter effect to simulate hyperspace after a Star Wars race) and others have been very willing to work with whatever crazy idea I come up with.


And away we go!
Apr 24, 2017
This is my work week lunch running route. The waterway runs down to the park by the lake. We have a gym with showers inside of our office. So it makes it really convenient to head out during lunch for a 4-5 mile run and not have to worry about it after work.

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Hey! I know that spot! I don’t run there often but drive over there every now and then.


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