Maneuvering & Parking Strollers

CS Torkelson

Disney Daydreamer
Jun 1, 2016
We understand how renting strollers at WDW works, but if we have a double stroller (that meets the measurement requirements of WDW) of our own at MK and get on the Monorail to eat at 1900 Park Fare -- (1) Is it OK to take the double stroller on the Monorail; and (2) Is there somewhere at 1900 Park Fare where we can park the stroller?


Disney Vet Squad ∞
Apr 27, 2014
Yes it's ok to take a double stroller on the monorail. It can be a pain for you if it's at park closing when it's crowded, but not an issue. And Disney always has places to put strollers


Jan 27, 2014
Disney is the most stroller friendly place on earth (parking trams excluded). I have always felt safe leaving my stroller (sans valuables) in any location. You'll see groups of them parked near dining areas in each resort and designated parking areas in the parks. They have attendants arranging them all the time, so to make it easy to find yours when you return, find a way to uniquely mark your stroller so you can spot it. We like to use a colored D-Ring on the handle because we can store our bags. Then at night, we turn on the LED battery powered string lights ($8 Amazon)


DIS Veteran
May 19, 2016
We take strollers everywhere. Years ago, we had a double stroller AND a single one for our 3 kids. Now we're down to just a single umbrella stroller we use to carry our food. Yes, you can absolutely take your stroller on the monorail, we do it all the time. Don't know about parking at 1900 Park Fare, but I'm sure they have designated stroller parking like most places in WDW.


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