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Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by tiffini_h, May 18, 2013.

  1. tiffini_h

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    Nov 16, 2009
    My husband and I have always done the Magic Your Way plus Deluxe Dining in the past. However, for our trip this year, we are interested in purchasing the Magic Your Way plus Dining instead. My question is in regards to the substitution of credits. For the deluxe dining we would be rewarded with our total credits and if we wanted to eat 3 quick service meals a day, then we could. If we wanted to eat 3 table service meals each day then we could do that as well even though the plan states you are awarded 2 table service meals and 1 quick service per day. For the Magic Your Way plus Dining, it includes 1 table service and 1 quick service per day. So does this mean, that if we want to eat 2 table service meals in 1 day we can? The way it was explained to me was that we will be awarded 2 sets of points (we are staying for 8 days), 8 table service credits and 8 quick service credits and if we were to eat 2 table service meals in 1 day then that leaves 6 table service meals and 8 quick service meals. With the Deluxe plan we would just get a collective total of credits to spend however we choose. Is that not how it works with the plus Dining plan? With the plus Dining, does it recognize whether or not a restaurant is a table service or quick service even if it only takes 1 credit? It wasn't like that with the Deluxe Dining. It didn't matter how many table service or quick service meals the plan stated. You just had 1 collective total of credits and wherever you ate at, it just deducted however many points it was worth. Many thanks to the people who can answer this for me!!
  2. vicki_c

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    Dec 22, 2007
    The bottom line answer to your questions - yes, the system and the restaurants recognize the difference between TS and CS credits on your card.

    So you can eat 2 TS in one day and it will use 2 of your total TS credits (unless it's a signature or show which takes 2 TS credits per meal vs. 1).

    The Plus dining plan doesn't work like the Deluxe plan from that standpoint.
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  4. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala 1937, what a year that was

    Jun 22, 2001
    This is the deal with the regular (DDP) dining plan as opposed to the deluxe.

    On the regular plan, TS credits and QS credits are separate. You cannot trade them up, but you can possibly trade them down.

    This means that you can never use your QS credits to purchase TS meals. However, you may be able to use your TS credits to purchase QS meals. It's a straight 1 for 1 trade - one TS credit equals one QS meal. There are also reports out that you are only able to do this when you have used up your QS credits.

    It used to be widely allowed to trade QS credits for 3 snacks at all resort QS places. That may not be possible any longer. Some have been able to do it and some have been told they cannot. We have one report from someone who was permitted to trade one QS credit for one snack.
  5. MomofKatie

    MomofKatie Dairy World? Fairy World! OH, DARN IT!!

    Apr 4, 2004
    On the regular Dining plan, you get 1 TS and 1 QS credit per night per person. So, for an 8 night stay, you would get a "pool" of 16 TS and 16 QS credits. And 1 snack credit per person, per night, for a total of 16 snack credits.

    You can use these credits in any combination for the duration of your stay, but QS credits cannot be used for TS dining. For example:

    On day 1, if you decide to eat at 'Ohana (1 TS credit each) for breakfast, Cosmic Ray's (1 QS credit each) for lunch, and Le Cellier (2 TS credits each because it is a Signature restaurant) for dinner, you will be using 3 TS credits and 1 QS credit each that day for a total of 6 TS credits and 2 QS credits used of your "pool".

    You now have 10 TS credits and 14 QS credits left for the other 7 days of your vacation. Once you use up all your TS credits, you only have QS credits left. You cannot "trade in" QS credits for TS dining.
  6. mickeynut1

    mickeynut1 DIS Veteran

    Apr 16, 2007
    The regular DDP gives you 1 TS, 1 CS, and 1 snack per night that you stay. All of the dining plans go according to the number of nights and not the number of days. So, if you are staying 8 nights, each person will get 8 TS, 8 CS, and 8 snack credits for the trip to use any way you want (for a total of 16 TS, 16 CS, and 16 snacks for the two of you). You are correct that if you do 2 TS meals, for example, on day 1, you will have 12 TS credits to use for the remainder of the trip. The credits are pooled per room just like it was when you had the DlxDDP, the difference being you only have so many TS and CS credits on the regular plan, as opposed to using your deluxe plan credits on any type of meal. It's easy to keep track of your credits because your receipt will show how many you used and how many are left after each meal. HTH :).
  7. Cafeen

    Cafeen DIS Veteran

    Jul 24, 2009
    One thing I did notice, you state the DxDDP (Deluxe Disney Dining Plan) offered 2 TS and 1 CS credit per night. This is not the case, it simply offers 3 credits, usable anywhere, per night of stay. This may be where some confusion is coming in.

    DDP (Disney Dining Plan, aka "Plus Dining") does separate out the TS from the CS, and as such, you must use CS at CS locations and TS at TS locations. There is some leeway to use TS at a CS place, but only at a 1 for 1 ratio. CS to snacks is hit and miss as mentioned already, plan to not be allowed.

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