Made Beignets today for the Big Game

Margie J

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Nov 6, 1999
I finally tried making homemade Beignets, in honor of the Super Bowl in New Orleans. I used the Port Orleans recipe.

I know questions about the recipe have been asked recently. So, here's what I found:

* The recipe makes a dough very similar to a bread dough. It's very heavy and stiff when the final amount of flour is added.
* When the last of the flour (7 C total) was added the dough was placed in a bowl and covered. NO kneading.
* I did as directed and refrigerated the dough. It doubled overnight.
* The finished dough felt like a combo of bread dough and pie crust. A bit puffy but heavier in texture than bread dough.
* I rolled it out to 1/8" as directed for the first batch. Cut into squares.
* The cut squares do puff slightly if you let them rest a few minutes before frying.
* When fried the dough made nice puffs.
* The finished product isn't too sweet so don't be afraid to really cover those babies with powdered sugar.


.... and GO PATS!


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