Made a choice... finally


Oct 14, 2004
Hi everyone
I've been going back and forth over staying at ASMu which we have been booked with for three months now. I concidered the deal S&D are offering but after the $10.00 a night fee, plus the tax , and the fact they didnt have the $129. a night as advertised left. Today I called and told resis that i was very concerned with going while all the bell ringers, choirs, and bands will be there. They let me carry over the original discount code i used {the holiday code} to POR French Quarter. The difference is only 22.00 a night and im thrilled. :cheer2: :cool1:

Tink ~ leaving soon, excited beyound belief, concidering telling the kids tonight cause i cant compose myself anylonger eeeeee! :Pinkbounc
It sounds like a great decision. Have a wonderful time during the holidays. What fun!
Great that it worked out for you, the holidays are a great time to be there!


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