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Discussion in 'California & the West' started by Dis Ohana, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Dis Ohana

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    Nov 21, 2005
    I am planning our very first vacation without the kids :banana: . We'd like to stay in one of the nicer hotels, I'm thinking either Wynn, Bellagio or Paris based on reviews I've read on the Hotel Review thread.
    This is my question: My husband loves to play the craps table, but he does not like to play the high minimum tables. I've heard that the bigger hotels on the strip have very few or no low minimum tables. We are not high rollers and just want to have some fun in the casino, some of those fancier hotels seem pretty intimidating!

    Also, is early April or late March a good time to go as far as weather and crowds? Or is it always crowded. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  2. BelleM77

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    May 30, 2002
    My favorite hotel, by far, is the Wynn. I like the Paris and the Bellagio but the Wynn is defintely my favorite.

    As far as lower limit tables, you're generally not going to find any limit less than $15 at the high end hotels.

    Here are some pictures of my stay ay the Wynn this past June: Vegas/
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  4. jlima

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    Nov 1, 2000
    I would maybe stay at the Golden Nugget downtown; it is the nicest property downtown, and it is easy to walk to other properties if you want to try lower limits. DH won $1100 at the Las Vegas Club playing craps once. Almost anywhere on the strip will have higher limits than downtown. Are you travelling during the week or over a weekend; typically the casinos change to higher limits when the hotels are busier.

    If you want no crowds at all come the week before Easter. January - April are huge convention times in Las Vegas. The biggest convention in April is the National Associaton of Broadcasters, the week of April 16. It is over 100,000 attendees. Use this website to look up a Vegas convention calendar:

    And weather in March and April is usually really nice.
  5. rer1972

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    Jul 3, 2006
    Hi Dis Ohana I don't really stay at the higher end casinos anymore. Seen one seen them all, but for a first time trip it's definitely worth it.

    I recommend Paris then Bellagio. Paris will probably run a bit cheaper than the Bellagio, but the Bellagio is a nicer place.

    The other reason I recommend Paris or Bellagio is location. You can find several smaller casinos near by that have lower mins on craps tables. Best bets would be Barbary Coast and the Casion Royale. Both are right down the street (walking distance) from Paris or Bellagio (although Bellagio is a walk in itself :rotfl: ). Both usually have craps lessons at certain hours (will be posted), and after the lesson you get a coupon to play (2X1 or sor maybe a $5 match play(you bet $5 and they match your $5 bet). They may even give the coupon without taking the class.

    The Flamingo, Harrah's, and Imperial Palace are also near by. Their tables would run between Royale/Barbary, and Bellagio/Paris.

    By the way if you're interested in a good beer, and an inexpensive steak dinner. I have to recommend Ellis Island on Koval Lane behind Aladdin. They have decent micro-brewery($1 a glass), a porter house steak dinner for $4.95 24 hours a day, and pretty good helping of BBQ as well. It's definitely a locals place. It may look a bit rough, but I never have had a problem (even at 3 in the morning :teeth: ) .

    Here's a link to a site I like: check out the Top Ten Values :thumbsup2

    PM me if you have any other questions ( been to vegas more times than I can count).
  6. pxlbarrel

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    Apr 27, 2005
    Lowest minimum on craps is Casino Royale. I think they still have their 25 cent table. They probably still have their 25 cent roulette too. That's on the strip as well. All other places on the strip will have a lot higher minimums.

    I second the recommendation of Ellis Island. We never go to Vegas without stopping there for a few meals. The smoke layer is rather dense in the casino but the food in the restaurant is very good and cheap. If you want the steak dinner special, make sure you ask your server about it. It's not on the menu.

    We're going to Vegas in December so I can hardly wait. It's all 'bout the food!
  7. TravelingJen24

    TravelingJen24 DVC Member

    Aug 3, 2004
    I would not stay at the Bellagio because of their minimum bets. I think that at Craps it is either 15 or 25 bucks. Yikes. We were just there a couple of weeks ago and stayed at Ceasars. We have stayed there many times, but my favorite is Mandalay bay. Their casino smells good, like the beach, and their pool is the best. If all you are going to do is gamble then you probably pick a hotel that is more centally located. The venetian's tables are high, but their rooms are huge compared to the others. I hope that you have fun.
  8. WatchinCaptKangaroo

    WatchinCaptKangaroo DIS Veteran

    Aug 14, 2005
    You can gamble at any casino, not just the one you stay at.

    Stay where you want. Play where you want.

    Have fun!
  9. Andrea

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    Jun 16, 2005
    i cant wait to stay at the wynn, i really wanted to book it for january, but hubby wants to stay there also so if we do go back in june i will book it then

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