Lunch package menu differences for F! and WOC?


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Mar 24, 2008
Are there different menus for the LUNCH packages for Fantasmic at Blue Bayou and WOC at Carthay Circle than the dinner packages? If so are the prices different?

Im trying to decide what to book so that we are not rushed to get to these two special shows and Im reading here that its easier to get a waterside table for BB with an 1130 lunch reservation. I would love to see the lunch menus if they are different. I saw some recent dinner ones from May for both packages in the trip report from @Timon444 - thanks!

The Menus on Allears seem to be pretty old so any updated info is appreciated. We four head to Disneyland in August for our first trip! Going to make reservations next week for these two events when the window opens. Thank you!
Check out Disneyland daily’s blog posts on these. She posts the menus, prices and everything. Just google Disneyland daily fantasmic packages.

But yes there is a slight difference for lunch and dinner- at least at blue bayou. And lunch is slightly cheaper. We’ve done both the lunch and dinner and really they are soo similar.. we have booked lunch again to save a few bucks!

It’s also important to know that the first had of lunch is “1st show” and second half is “2nd show” then first half of dinner is “1st show” and 2nd half of dinner is “2nd show” so the time you want to eat can also play into it.
Can't comment on WOC dining packages as we have only done the Dessert Party for WOC.

We eat at BB each trip and do the Fantasmic Package. Definitely a price difference between the lunch and dinner packages.
Lunch is $62 and Dinner is $72 (not including tax and gratuity) Kids (3-9yrs) are $29 for both lunch and dinner.

Whilst both menus have mostly the same things on them there are a few differences between the two.

Both menus have the same basic starters of Gumbo or House Salad. There is also the option of upgrading to a 'premium' starter for an additional $5. There is one option of a premium starter on the lunch menu and three options on the dinner menu.

The entree options have a lot of the same things on them but one main difference is that you can only get the Monte Cristo Sandwich on the lunch menu and you can only get the Surf & Turf option on the dinner menu. Most of the other options are the same but there may be one or two variations.

The dessert options are the same for lunch or dinner. Of course, all of this is subject to change, but that's the latest info that I'm aware of.

We always go for a 5.30pm reservation. I have never had trouble requesting and getting a waterside table. I just show up ~ 15mins or so early and am prepared to wait which is not normally more than 15 - 30mins.
I did read something interesting after my last visit - that the first 2 rows near the water / railing are considered waterfront. I personally consider waterfront to be on the railing and have always been offered that - if I was lead to the second row I would probably ask to wait for a railing table.

I considered a lunch time reservation this trip but one of my favourite things is lobster and I always get the Surf & Turf there. I also like to eat at that ~5.30 - 6.00 pm dinner time and then be in the general area to line up early for the 9pm show.
I like the Monte Cristo too but I generally have that at Cafe Orleans at a lunch time reservation and split it as it's quite large.

As mentioned, Disneyland Daily is a great resource with pretty up to date info usually. And good info about the show timings. You can select a dining time when making your reservation and once you click through, before getting to the credit card guarantee page it will tell you up the top of the reservation page what show time you are getting. If it's the 2nd show and you want the first just go back and select a bit earlier dining time until you get the show time that you want. If you are booking at the 60day window then you won't have any trouble getting the reservation / show timing that you are after.

Good luck with your decision - I will be there on the 9th July and can't wait - one of my favourite things to do.


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