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Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by OnourwaytoWDW, Dec 16, 2008.

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    Jun 22, 2007
    I love shopping on ebay. I have sold on ebay. But these last few weeks have just make me hate ebay!
    Real quick, I won an auction on November 25 for a dollhouse. It stated in the auction that it would be going DHL as shipping. No problem. I sent the money as soon as I won it. She has over 350 transaction since summer of 08 and good feed back.

    November 30-she emails me and says she's having a hard time finding a box for this to fit into. I suggested going to a store and asking if they have a box she can have. She said that was a good idea.

    December 3-still having problems with box. Can she wrap it in cello and ship is Greyhound. I told her no because I didn't have a greyhound station close to me. The closest one I have is 1 1/2 hours away. I suggested going to a UPS store and buying a box from them. She emails back and says she was able to find a box at Home Depot.

    December 7-she emails me and says sorry for the delay. She has the box and will ship is out Dec 8. I said that was fine.

    December 11-I email her to asks for information on who she shipped with so I know what I am looking for. No reply.

    December 12- I email again wondering if I goofed and didn't send it right the day before, asking her again.

    December 13-late. She apologizes for not getting to me sooner. She states that my emails went to her junk mail and she didn't know I was asking a question. She says she mailed it out December 7 and it's a huge box. didn't say who she mailed it with.

    December 15-I email her asking for a tracking number to make sure it's on it's way and someone else didn't get it.

    December 15- She emails me ans says she has a delivery confirmation #, would I like that?

    December 16- I email her and say, which at this point I am losing my patience. Tracking #, delivery confirmation #, whichever, I have been patient enough and would like some information so I can find out where the heck my box is.

    So WTH?!? With someone who has over 300 transaction I would hope she would have her act together. But this is not seeming so.
    Any advice?!?!
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    Jul 21, 2000
    Maybe it's just me, but I would have thought that she should have had her packing options worked out before the auction ended rather than making you wait while she sorted it out. If I had been the seller and saw I was going to have a problem, I would have carried it to UPS, had them box it, and paid what it cost to get the item out (I've actually lost money once or twice, but that was my problem, not the buyer's).

    Sellers know that people really need their stuff as quickly as possible this time of year. You paid on Nov. 25th and didn't get it shipped until Dec. 7th. I would not consider that as being satisfactory (and I would expect more of myself as a seller). If you get it in time for Christmas and you're happy with the item, I'd leave her positive or neutral feedback while mentioning the shipping issues. If you don't, I'd leave her negative feedback.

    ETA: I'm not sure about this, but can't you file a dispute if the item isn't shipped within 7 days? If you can, you could do that and just refuse the delivery.

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