Looney's Trip Day 4 - You have a bug bite the size of a WHAT?

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by LooneyIAm, Aug 24, 2002.

  1. LooneyIAm

    LooneyIAm Earning My Ears

    Jun 18, 2002

    Paula - 46 - ultimate planner of this trip
    Charlie - 50 - husband of Paula - he paid for the trip :)
    Amanda - 20 - an adult except when it comes to Disney
    Joey - 16 - a teenage boy - what more can I say about that

    We decided to forego the wake-up call and just set our alarm. We had made PS at the Character Breakfast at 1900 Park Fare in the Grand for this morning. My family offered to change the reservations since I had been sick the day before, but I said I would just have some toast and coffee and we should just go ahead with the plan. The Character Breakfast was the flex part of our package, so it always tasted a little better when you didn't have to put any money out :)

    Actually we had done their Character Breakfast in '98 and we really enjoyed it a lot, so we were looking forward to it today.

    And we weren't disappointed. The characters that were strolling around were the Mad Hatter, Alice in Wonderland, Eeyore and Winnie-the-Pooh. Alice & the Mad Hatter stopped by and talked with us a few minutes and we got a picture of our kids standing behind them. My DD took a picture of the Pooh and I and I got one of the Pooh and her. It turns out we were all at the buffet and when DD came back to the table, Pooh was playing with our camera (wish I would have gotten a picture of that!)

    My family certainly took advantage of the buffet and were very satisfied. Our waitress was attentive to our needs and we only have good things to say about the entire atmosphere here. I tasted a little scrambled eggs, toast and I just couldn't resist the Cheese Blintzes. Ok Ok - I only had one. Just a little test to see how my tummy would handle real food today!

    My son had his heart set on doing the Mouseboats and we figured since we were at a Magic Kingdom Resort with a marina, this was a good opportunity. So we all walked out to the marina and DD & I took pictures of DH & DS getting the life jackets on and heading out to their "long journey at sea"! They planned on being out for an hour and then they were to meet us at Disney Quest.

    Meanwhile, DD & I took the monorail back to Magic Kingdom, planning on visiting Wilderness Lodge for a possible stay someday. Boy I sure could get spoiled with the monorail transportation! Never having to transfer buses again!? Wouldn't it be great? Anyway, tonight was E-night and since our Magic Kingdom visit hadn't been so productive the previous night, I suggested DD purchase E-night tickets for that evening for herself and DS. So I waited outside while she went to Guest Services. All went well and she was back in a few minutes and we took the boat to Wilderness Lodge. What a spectacular place! The lobby is so impressive! We walked around a little and did a little shopping in their store and I picked up some cute souveneirs for the little relatives back home. What I really wanted to see were the Villas at WL, but I didn't know if you could just go up to the desk and ask. Does anyone know? At any rate, we were done looking around and we went out front and waited for a bus to Downtown Disney.

    When we arrived at Disney Quest, DH & DS were already there, but they had only been there for 5 minutes, so our timing worked out perfectly. We went inside and were told DS had to finish his soda before getting in the elevator - no food or drink allowed. We waited a few minutes and then went on the most interesting elevator ride I've ever had! What I love about Disney is how they entertain you no matter where you are - in line, in a restaurant, in an elevator! Anyway, we arrived at our destination and walked off the elevator into crowds of people and stuff going on in every direction. I guess it takes a few times of visiting Disney Quest to get you really oriented and sure of exactly which attraction you want to do most.

    So we went into this roomand then that room and then the other room. DD & DS went on some sort of bumper car which they thought was fun. DS wanted to get in line for some of the attractions geared toward older kids, but the lines were very long and DD didn't seem as interested, so he just didn't push that idea. We checked out the computer area and found one that wasn't occupied, but try as they might, they couldn't get that thing to do anything. Maybe that's why it was the only one not occupied??

    So we checked out the other floors and since it was so crowded, we decided to just go back to OKW and relax and swim.

    DH & I decided to go back to Epcot that evening and check out the worlds. We gave DD & DS some money & told them they could eat wherever they wanted and to have fun at E-night and we headed to the Epcot bus.

    After we left our room, DD decided she would like to try out the jacuzzi in our room, which she hadn't done as yet. (Backtracking a little, we had a problem early on at OKW - it seemed like you had to run the hot water forever before it got really hot. We mentioned it to a maintainance man we happened to run into and he said it would be looked into.) Ok, so back to DD and the jacuzzi - she starts to fill it and notices the water has a greenish tint to it (or so she thinks), so she calls for DS to come to the bathroom and take a look. Now she has no clothes on, so she is basically hiding behind the bathroom door as he peeks in to look at the color of the water. So he is checking this out from a distance and he just says "yeh that's the way it's supposed to look". So she figures he's her younger brother, he wouldn't steer her wrong, would he? :p So she hops in and continues to fill the tub with water. Now she starts to notice the water has an orangeish color to it and is reminded of "rust". So she gets out and empties the tub and showers off, dresses and they are off to dinner. They head to Downtown Disney and eat at the House of Blues. DS had a dbl. cheeseburger and fries and DD has a portebello mushroom sandwich. Both agreed the food was very good, but felt it was expensive. After dinner, they head to Magic Kingdom.

    Meanwhile, DH & I are checking out the worlds. It has turned into a very humid night, seeming to get warmer instead of cooler as the night goes on. DH & I see the Tapestry of Dreams Parade, which is beautiful and then decide to go to Norway to eat which had a buffet, giving me more options as to what my stomach could handle. The buffet at Restaurant Akershus was very interesting with lots of unusual items on it. I ate very little, but my husband enjoyed it a lot and the restaurant itself is beautiful. We walked around a little more after dinner and then stayed to watch Illuminations which was wonderful! Then we walked out with the rest of the masses leaving Epcot and found our bus back to OKW.

    Meanwhile, my DD & DS were in Magic Kingdom in line somewhere on Main Street, buying ice cream. DD felt an itching sensation on the back of her leg and looked down and noticed a bug bite that had been the size of a half-dollar earlier was now the size of a baseball - it wasn't swollen, just huge around). She pointed it out to DS and asked what he thought - he joked that she shouldn't worry about it until she started scratching her neck! Then he suggested she seriously should go to the closest health center and get their opinion. So ice creams and all, they found a nurse's aid station nearby and went inside. The nurse took one look at the bite and said DD was definitely having a reaction. She said she could give her some cream to apply with a q-tip, but they did not dispense Benadryl there. She suggested they finish their ice cream, since she realized how "precious" ice cream is
    :D and then she would give DD the cream to apply. She also suggested if the bite didn't look better in the morning that DD go to a local walk-in medical care center and gave her some pamphlets with locations on them.

    So DD & DS finished their ice cream, DD applied the cream and they went off to enjoy E-night. Hey, why little a "little" bug bite mess up your plans, right? They finished E-night and got back to the room at 1:30 a.m. They said they got to ride the rides they wanted to with no problem and E-night was well worth it. They also saw the fireworks over the Castle which they enjoyed a lot!

    DH & I were watching tv when they came in and I was dealing with a bad case of queasiness (still!) and indigestion. Ok, Ok, so I shouldn't have tasted the venison at the buffet - and now my stomach was protesting bigtime!

    So I checked out the huge bugbite and told DD if it didn't look better in the morning, we were definitely heading to the Centra-Care to have it looked at.

    So, the end of another day........I am still queasy. Now we have a new development.........the bugbite.........I'm almost afraid to think what tomorrow will bring!
  2. pumba


    Dec 28, 1999
    were fantastic....did Animal Kingdom for sun block in eyes..and then the MGM one for a broken brace wire....they are really well equipped...I am sorry you are still sick...but seems you are still having a good time.....NOW WHERE WAS THE VENISON..they didnt' have it when we ate there a few years back.......thanks for your report
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  4. Krissalee

    Krissalee DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2001
    Oh my goodness! What a trip! I really am looking forward to reading more - I hope all the problems and health conditions clear up!

    :earsgirl: Krissy
  5. izzy

    izzy "It's not the heat -- it's the stupidity"

    Dec 9, 1999
    I'm really enjoying your reports. It's so nice to see someone who can not only be realistic about their vacation (yes, not everything is "pixie dust" ) but also approach it with such humor.

    I do have some suggested changes for day 3 and 4 of your reports:

    Day 3: It's Tough to Have a Bug
    Day 4: It's Tough to be Bitten by a Bug

    Sorry, I couldn't help it! LOL!! I'm anxiously awaiting Day 5 to see how the bug bite is doing and if your stomach is better. Keep 'em coming!
  6. LooneyIAm

    LooneyIAm Earning My Ears

    Jun 18, 2002
    That's great Izzy - I should have thought of that :) I'll tell you this - my relatives think we're jinked - they said they are never going on vacation with us!!
  7. susy

    susy Guest

    Benadryl is definitely on my packing list!
  8. Liz

    Liz Make a miracle!

    Aug 18, 1999
    I think everybody is doomed to one disasterous WDW trip! Hopefully this is yours and all the rest will be nothing but magic!!!
  9. vald1977

    vald1977 <font color=green>I keep thinking that if I keep s

    Mar 20, 2002
    Oh no :( ! Your poor dd! I would say that I hope her reaction was gone by morning but something tells me it wasn't. I am almost afraid to read about your next day ;) !
  10. nativetxn

    nativetxn <font color=teal>Moderator<br><font color=red>Hono

    Feb 15, 2000
    It sounds as though you were feeling just a teeny bit less sick? Or is that wishful thinking on my part. That bug bite sounds scary, yikes!

    You have a wonderful way in injecting humor into otherwise dreary situations and I had fun reading about your day.

  11. yepod

    yepod DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2001
    Sorry to hear about your rollercoaster of bad luck:(

    Akershus (Norway) is my favorite restaurant!

    Hope things improve soon!

    Thanks for the report!

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