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Earning My Ears
May 28, 2000
I am trying to save money so that I can go to disney. I keep seeing all these posts about receiving free park hopper passes...how on earth do you guys do it? All the sites I go to you have to buy something just to get points...Anyone have any ideas

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I will tell you how i am saving for WDW....no initial outlay until it works for you and you are earning $$$$$$$$ Works well for me and lots of others!!! aussiegal1971@hotmail.com


I clicked my brains out at www.pointclick.com last year and got reimbursement for my park hopper pass purchases at Disney.com. Of course pointclick is long gone. It is too bad, but they blew alot of money and it caused them to shut down. Clicking to Disney would take forever these days, unless you sink 4 hours a day in rewards programs and I am not about to do that.

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#1 You know those ridiculous grocery store "discount" cards? Well at most grocery stores in our area it says how much you "saved" at the bottom of the receipt. We take the amount we saved and put it into our savings account to use for our disney trip. Big incentive to use those cupons!
#2 Returnable bottles and cans.
#3 We have electric heat (I know UGH!), and I figured out our budget according to the cooler months, so every month we spend less than what I budgeted for the excess goes into the savings account.
#4 DCAP (dependant care assistance plan) a pre taxed childcare savings plan basically. 1/2 check a month goes into savings (hopefully this will work soon b/c we just paid our taxes we need the whole thing for the next couple months)
#5 DH's bonus
With any luck we won't have to do #6 <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

I agree PointClick was great but rewards programs do not take 4 hours a day to do_Our Family does 10 programs X 2 and it only takes 2 hours a day.

Come visit us on the rewards board and we will show you how!


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Disney money for birthdays, valentines day, tooth fairy, report cards, fathers day, easter, etc. It was too late for Christmas this year but I know what we will be giving next year.
Once a month I visit Disney store (about 1/2 hr away) and charge $100 in Disney dollars. This will be used for our PS. The monthly charge is better than the entire amount coming home from trip.
Also I take $35 from my wallet every week and put in envelopes for our trip. Its easier in winter because we stay home more than the summer. Summer may be tough to save the extra $35, more day trips.

Here is some of the things that I am doing for our trip:

-Reward programs: putting money on webcert and food gcs
-saving change (I started doing this 3 weeks ago and have already saved over $22!)
-saving cans (cash in for change to add to my change jar)
-each check I go to disney store and put back $20 disney dollars (every 2 weeks = $40 per month)
-Money that I recv back from my healthcare spending acct goes toward hopper passes


I have already bought one 5 day hopper pass and will have enough in the next 2 weeks to buy another one and then I only need to save for 1 more. Once I accumulate a specific amt of money on webcert, then I pay some more towards hotel room...

Every little bit helps!!


I'll admit 4 hours was an exageration for reward program clicking everyday. I spend about an hour a day clicking around. I think I am too pooped to click anymore for that stuff, so I do what I feel like everyday. Some is better than none. I was looking back and last August on rewards programs alone, I made $1000 in gift certificates/webcerts. That's just crazy and really missed. I also try to take $10/week our of the ATM and put it in my secret storage can. Sometimes I transfer money onto my webcert and Cobaltcard, so I don't spend it someplace else.

Guest at Disney:
#### - WDW - sometime in the 80's as a little kid
1993 - WDW
Some months have 5 paychecks instead of 4. When there is an extra paycheck it goes towards paying off the Wilderness Lodge. Also the plane tickets got paid off with help of state refund.


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