Looking for instructions on how to use Priceline


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Jan 21, 2000
I'm thinking of giving it a try for a tentative trip this July. What do I need to know?

Offsite: 82, 88, 95, 99
All Star Music: 98
Grand Floridian/Board Walk Inn: May 00
Day Trip: Oct 27, 00
Wilderness Lodge: Dec. 16-20, 00
Grand Floridian/Animal Kingdom Lodge: Dec. 16-21, 2001

If/when you use Priceline make sure your trip is not tenative. Priceline reservations are nonchangeable and noncancelable.
Informed Priceline Bidding Forum
will give you some info. Don't bid if you're expecting a particular hotel (i.e. S/D).
Be careful, like the previous post, they are not refundable! Also, when I used it for a trip to Chicago, we got $200 room for $50.00 a night, what a deal!!! But, I have also heard others have not had such good luck, so know exactly what kind of hotel you want to stay in, and bid low but reasonable. Really, we didn't plan on getting a room for $50, but we started low with I think the moderate room, three star?. This may have changed since we used about a year ago. Again since you don't get to choose the hotel you want, it is kind of a cross your fingers thing, Good luck!0


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