Logos, icons & goodies?


aka tivogirl, keeper of the live WDW webcams at ht
Jun 29, 2001
Okay, now that I'm officially amongst the DVC ranks I'm lookin' for those cool logos and such you all use in your signatures!! I've found a nice DVC logo, but now I need a BWV and a VWL to represent my home resorts!! Any ideas where to find them?



DVC Member -- OKW
Feb 11, 2001
RouteMan Dan here made me a nice VWL logo. But I lost it.:( I'll try and find it after the holidays.


Chasing Amy
Feb 17, 2000
I am sure if you pm or email RMD he will be more than glad to give you that image again or create a new one for you. Most times if you find an image you like in somone elses sig you can aske them if it okay if you copy it. Feel free to borrow mine :)


DIS Veteran
Aug 11, 2001
I am the boob of computers althougth I do pretty weel with the internet I must say. How do you transfer & onto what? I need a beginners lesson here, have pitty on me.