LIVE and pre-trip report: 5 Years Married! OKW/BWI/PBH

  • missnic07

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    Apr 6, 2013
    Subscribing! We're in a couple of the same parks as you some days so will keep an eye out for you :).
    Have a great time!!


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    Jun 5, 2006
    Hello to everyone following along :D

    It's turned out to be quite a long day!

    We are a party of nine travelling in three groups due to different return times. Did online check in for the six who are doing direct Virgin flights both ways but couldn't get it to work for me, DH or MIL!

    DH and I got our train to Victoria, met my brother, then the three of us travelled on the Gatwick Express, meeting my MIL at the South Terminal.

    Once we got to Gatwick we were able to check in via the kiosks and got our boarding cards, which was a relief! We were still a bit too early for bag drop so we went to the Premier Inn at the North Terminal where those who had travelled in the taxi had just arrived.

    Once we checked in we decided to get something to eat in the restaurant before going to bag drop.

    Bag drop was completed in two trips as my dad needed to push my mum in the wheelchair and the kids couldn't help with the big cases! The Virgin staff also confirmed with my mum how her special assistance will work tomorrow.

    Now we are in our room watching Great British Bakeoff and at 9pm we will meet MIL on the terrace for a Costa before heading to bed :banana:

    Alarms will be set for 7am so we can get through security before 9am and have time for a leisurely breakfast :) .
  • Scrap_Vamp

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    Jun 5, 2006
    We made it!

    Airport this morning was really smooth - got through security quickly and ate breakfast at Frankie and Benny's. Got on the plane and we were just behind the bulkhead seats. Actually impressed with leg room and comfort!

    Carl's seatbelt had chewing gum all over it so they had to call out for a replacement belt which delayed us slightly, but we made that time up in the air, landing at 3.20pm local time.

    Food was fine although no gluten free afternoon tea options had been loaded (I did get my gf lunch earlier!) I ended up with a green Caesar salad (no chicken).

    As my mum had special assistance arranged we got through immigration and customs quickly in the separate line, although Carl and I had to do the second bag x-Ray (random selection apparently!).

    Magical Express journey was all fine and we got to OKW by 5.20pm. Check in for me, Carl and MIL was very quick, but check in for the other group was sloooooow. Our request for a building with an elevator wasn't met and they initially had mum in a second floor room. Obviously no good with a mobility scooter! Luckily they switched them to a ground floor room, so we are in building 36 and they're in 37 (Turtle Pond Road).

    Carl, MIL and I are now sat in Wolfgang Puck Express, awaiting our food. Need to pick up our gift card, find the taxi rank at West Side for next week, then it's boat back to OKW and bed!


    Jul 24, 2003
    Just found this thread so will follow along :) Will try read rest of thread sometime.:goodvibes


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    Sep 15, 2013
    Glad to hear you arrived safely. Hope the jet lag doesn't wake you up too early. Have fun with the princesses! :)
  • Scrap_Vamp

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    Jun 5, 2006
    Update from Epcot - waiting for Illuminations.

    We were at the bus stop for 7am this morning as we had an 8am ADR for Akershus. Unfortunately no bus arrived until almost 7.30 but we ended up arriving at the podium dead on 8am. The only disappointment was that the heavens opened as we walked through the park, so on arrival we were a little bedraggled.

    However we had a great meal, and fantastic princess interactions: my niece held Cinderella's hand during the first princess processional, then held Snow White's flowers in the second one :).

    The next plan was to ride Test Track standby but when we got there it was closed due to Lightning in the area. We waited for half an hour to see if it opened before we gave up and headed over to Soarin' for our FP+ time. We were put in row 1 and the kids LOVED it!

    Next up was a ride on Livin with the Land which had a short wait anyway but even shorter for us as we were diverted through the FP line due to mum's ECV.

    After a quick stop for a pressed penny we rode the Seas with Nemo and Friends, then used our FP for Turtle Talk.

    Spaceship Earth was next, and we were directed to enter at the exit, where we had ten minutes to explore Project Tomorrow before returning for our ride. We then rode Journey Into Imagination, again with a very short wait.

    After this we got the Friendship across to Morocco where our parties split. The group of six ate there, but MIL, Carl and I went to Cantina de San Angel for tacos, which were filling!

    We regrouped for our FP for Maelstrom, followed almost immediately by a walk on for the Three Caballeros. Oscar declared this to be 'boring' because there was no drop, but Libbi liked the fireworks!

    We then had margaritas and beers in Mexico before a bit of a wander around World Showcase, ending up here in the disabled viewing area for Illuminations!

    The final plan is to try and ride Test Track during EMH in the hope of avoiding the crush leaving the park :).


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    Jun 5, 2006
    Yesterday we started with breakfast at Tusker House. Once again we waited thirty minutes for a bus, where every park went by before the one we wanted!

    Breakfast was delicious and it was great that they had a dedicated gluten free baked goods station. Characters were on good form and the kids had a lovely time!

    After breakfast we wandered the Maharajah jungle trek and saw the newest tiger, then we played the drums before our ride on Everest, which Oscar loved! Although we had tried to prepare here for it, Libbi was a bit upset that she wasn't tall enough to ride.

    Next we went and queued for Finding Nemo, which was wonderful as always! As we were in the area and there were short stand by waits, Carl, Dee, Mark, Sophie, Oscar and myself rode Primeval Whirl while my dad took Libbi on Triceratops Spin.

    We played a few of the carnival games and won some prizes when it started to pour. As we were near the start of our Kali FP window we headed up there but by that point all outdoor attractions had been closed.

    In an effort to stay dry we got the train to Rafiki's planet watch and added to the autograph book. After an hour we headed back once the rain finally eased off!

    We discussed various possibilities for using our FP in another attraction, ending up deciding to ride Kilamjaro Safari earlier, so we could see the 4pm Lion King show before heading to our ADR at Boma. Before the safari we wandered the Pangani trail, but didn't see the baby.

    On the safari the animals were unusually active and we got a great shot of the lionesses! In the Lion King show, Libbi was chosen to be part of the procession, which she loved, and we got a lot of attention from the tumble monkeys, as well as one of the stilt walkers.

    We got the bus to AKL and had a great meal. The chef came and walked us round, then sent us out a special gluten free dessert plate including zebra domes, along with two glasses of bubbly for our anniversary :D

    After the meal, Carl and I got some alone time as we headed to Magic Kingdom for EMH. We rode the Magic Carpets as our 4th FP, where Carl told me what he had planned for the next day: a beachfront vow renewal!!

    We then rode BTMRR twice, with the second time coinciding with Wishes, then POTC, Jungle Cruise, and Haunted Mansion. We had a little nosey around New Fantasyland then planned to ride Space Mountain. We stopped for a drink at Cosmic Ray's, at which point we realised how tired we were, so we headed for the bus. On the way out, we stopped at Le Chapeau and I was able to pick up some Ursula headband ears to complete my Villains Unleashed costume.

    What a great day!!


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    Mar 25, 2007
    Just caught up. Sounds like you're having a great time. Thanks for taking the time to post :)


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