List your favorites to try while dining at Disney World.

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by Tiggerlovinggrandma, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Tiggerlovinggrandma

    Tiggerlovinggrandma Mouseketeer

    Jun 22, 2008
    My family and I have decided we should try a few new food & dirnk creations while on our trip Jan 09. We want to make a master list and try as many as we can. We are always up for new expierences although with this one we will probably gain 10lbs each. :rotfl2:

    I have listed below the parks and resteraunts we will be in and when we will be there. If you have a suggestion or two that we should try, list away. When we return I will post the results of what we tried and our comments for each.

    Thanks a bunch! :banana:

    Magic Kingdom
    Animal Kingdom
    Hollywood Studios
    Downtown Disney (not quite a park but part of Disney)

    Ohana's (dinner)
    Coral Reef (lunch)
    Biergarten (dinner)
    CRT (breakfast)
    Liberty Tree Tavern (lunch)
    Crystal Palace (dinner)
    Ohana's Best Friends (breakfast)
    Hoop de Doo (dinner)
    Supercalafragilistic 1900 Park Fare (breakfast)
    50's Prime Time (lunch)
    Sci Fi Drive In Theater (dinner)
    Donald's African Safari at Tusker House (breakfast)
    Yak & Yeti (lunch)
    Whispering Canyon (dinner)
    Chef Mickey (breakfast)
    Planet Hollywood (lunch)
  2. Belle4mygrl

    Belle4mygrl DIS Veteran

    May 4, 2008
    all the walking you will be doing, I doubt you will gain 10 lbs maybe 9. ;)

    Definitely try the Dole Pineapple Float at MK.

    School Bread @ Norway in Epcot.

    Chocolate Wave @ Coral Reef.

    Downtown Disney--Fulton's. The crab cake and lobster soup is GREAT!

    Have Fun!
  3. NurseJamie

    NurseJamie Mouseketeer

    Apr 13, 2006
    Hmmm lots of thinking to do here... here are my must-do's every trip (at least for what is on your list)

    Magic Kingdom
    Dole whip from Aloha Isle. Usually several throughout the trip.

    Kaki gori from Japan.
    CS meal (chicken shwarma platter) from Tangierine Cafe.
    School bread in Norway.
    DBF Loves the pretzels in Germany.

    Coral Reef (lunch)
    Blackened catfish with cheese grits for an entree, and chocolate wave for dessert! (I have raved about this on several threads)

    Sci Fi Drive In Theater (dinner)
    They have pretty yummy burgers. They also make the best Reuben sandwich I have ever had. And their milkshakes are really delicious and count as a drink on the DDP! The cookies and cream one is my fave :thumbsup2

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