List of fellow adventurers while on a trip


Mom to 3 lovely Princesses
Mar 25, 2002
No list on our July China trip either.

I'm also one not happy about the booklet. I carried it with me daily on both of my ABDs in a side pocket of my crossbody purse. I also like to hold on to them as a keepsake. I keep an "old school" Lane Cedar chest where I put those kinds of things from our travels.


Photographer and Mom to 2 Princesses
Mar 4, 2011
The booklet about your trip will now be digital. No more Hard copies after Sept.
Oh wow. We got one for the trip we just got back from, so I guess we were some of the last. My daughter loves those books... she write notes in them and uses them to keep track of each day. She uses them to pack as well. That's a shame, and I agree it seems like cheaping out.

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Have Camera, Will Travel
Oct 28, 2006
Yes, we "made" pseudo-Booklets for the trip. We don't like it, either! Interesting...I sent two emails to ABD about the Adventure Handbook and one about making ABD hats with velcro closures and having the ABD luggage scale available. Guess which ones they answered? I'll give you a hint...they did NOT answer my opinion on the lack of handbooks!
So what did they say about the ABD Luggage scale???



A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes....
Jul 31, 2003
So what did they say about the ABD Luggage scale???

ABD Insiders on FB had obtained one for a giveaway....I told them it was adorable and thought they should make it available. I would have to buy one. They said my "thoughts would be shared with Management". Took me 5 years of petitioning ABD to get Polo Shirts. Will probably take as long...they would profit, tho.


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