Limited Edition Piglet Watch


Earning My Ears
Oct 4, 2000
I have a limited edition Sketches of Piglet Watch.
It is #11 in a series of 5000. I have all the original packaging and
paperwork. It’s in perfect condition.
My question is.. would you wear it or just hold on to it. Perhaps display it ?
My Family suggests it could be “worth something” one day .
How would I go about having it appraised? If it’s not so rare, I’d rather just wear it and enjoy it.


DIS Veteran
Nov 19, 2010
I would wear it. 5000 is a high number for watches.

I used to have some Disney watches...the OOAK (or up to LE50) of the hand-painted ones you could get at DLR for $500+ I got them second hand (never worn) from a convention for a pretty good price (less than $100), wore it a few times, and then sold it for the same price.


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