Leis, Torch-lighting, and other Poly Questions..

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May 21, 2001
After many callsof begging and pleading to CRO ;) , we finally got the Poly for our December visit !! I have a few questions for all of you Poly experts now.
* Do they still give you the leis at check-in ?
* Do they still have the torch-lighting ceremony ??
* Do they still have the lei and scrapbooking making sessions?

Also, if they have any other "special" activities please let me know !!

We haven't stayed at the Poly in a long time and are staying the end of October. I have never heard of these event and would also be interested the the answers. I know you get the leis at the Luau.
We received leis at check-in last Dec. Can't wait to hear answes on the other questions. Especially the scrapbooking. . . I have my first class in a few weeks.
They still have the torch lighting ceremony at 6:00 PM Tuesday through Saturday. My daughter made a lei bracelet somewhere in the lobby. I was doing laundry at the time so don't know much about this. The character caravan was there on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings in the lobby. There is also hula dancing lessons at the luau cove on Saturday mornings at 10:00.
I think "yes" is the answer to all your questions! For specifics, check out Tikiman's site:


This site was what convinced me to choose the Polynesian for our next trip (and maybe Lilo & Stitch!). I know he will have the answers to any questions you may have and much much more! Also check out his trip report from last month on the Trip Reports board, lots of great info there too!

We will be there over Labor Dsay weekend and I am very excited!



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