Leaving on Sun 5/6 any last minute tips??


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Apr 27, 2000
Don't forget the sun screen and plenty of film! Have a great time!

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Nov 29, 2000
We are leaving Sunday too!! Whoo Hoo We all really need a vacation!!! One tip I have is to organize all your hotel, car rental, resturant etc. reservations in the order you will use them. I have my plane tickets first , than rental car, hotel, etc. as I will use them sure saves time and that lost feeling when you can't find what you are looking for. The weather looks fine for the week and have a great time.:bounce: :pinkbounc


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Mar 16, 2001
I'm getting married on the 5th and then we're off on the 6th for a 14-hour roadtrip to Disney!!! I'm getting very excited about both the wedding and the honeymoon!! :) The forecast shows rain on tuesday though, so hope that doesn't screw up our plans. Anyway, I'm sure we'll make the most of it. Hard to contain the excitement isn't it?


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Apr 3, 2001
Just a few days to go!!!

We are arriving at Disney on the 6th as well.

I made up some cheat sheets to carry in my day pack with PS times/numbers, important phone numbers, etc...

Have a great time.

Hodar @ work

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Mar 30, 2001
:bounce: Don't forget to visit Mousesavers and call in to see if one of the codes is applicable to your reservation!!
I made a call, and within 5 minutes I had saved almost $1200 off my reservation (3 rooms at Port Orleans for 6 nights are normally $149 each). With the discount code, the rates dropped to $89/night!!

It only takes a minute, and the money I saved bought me a brand spanking new top of the line Sony Digital Camcorder with a 10 hour battery, and a 64 meg memory stick. Now, I can tape our vacation, essentally for 'FREE'. Does it get any better than that??


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Sep 25, 1999
We are here right now and I would say, buy some rain ponchos at home right now !! It has only rained on and off for the past couple days, but I wished I had planned ahead and bought inexpensive ones at home instead of denying that we might get rain. With the ponchos, you would not even care it is raining since you are staying dry getting from one attraction to another. GET THEM AT HOME !!


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May 23, 2000
Make sure you go to the bank and get singles and fives for tips. Go through your wallet only take what you need. Be sure to take license and anything you might need for a discount (AAA card) but leave things like your library card.
If you send postcards get stamps and print the addresss you need on labels.


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Dec 15, 2000
Remember to bring email addresses of people you want to send a greeting to from the ibm display at Epecto.

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