Leaving on sat...


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Dec 15, 2000
Hi everyone, just wanted to say we are thankful for all the tips and suggestions we have received on this board to make our stay at HRH/CBR special.

Thanks especially to the helpful moderators, Barry H and Robin for all their endless patience with
sometimes repetitive questions.
Thanks! Remember to pay us back with a trip report! :)


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And I always call this a "thankless" job... <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz">

I will humbly accept your wonderful thought but this board is overrun with the most informative people of any board on the site. Thanks to them ALL!

Have a wonderful trip, hercamore!


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I am leaving Sat. too Hercamore. Maybe I'll see you around Uni? I'll be the one gulping down Triple Threat of Extinctions wearing my JP hat and my JP t-shirt! LOL Have Fun!

We're heading out Saturday, too! My thanks also for all the helpful info. I can't wait for 80 degree weather. Who cares about rain--we'll just ride the water rides over and over! Have a great trip.

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Thanks, everyone. I'll be glad to leave the snow rain and cold of Minnesota.

At least it will be warm rain in Florida (LOL)

Hope you all have a great time! :D

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hey, we are headed out the door any minute. Look for the blue/tan stroller decorated with green ribbon with a cute brown curly headed girl in it ( and her stressed out parents aand brother)
Thanks guys (and gals)

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12 hours and counting till my plane takes off :)

I also want to say thanks to all in here. I learned alot about the parks and feel I will have a better trip from all your great info.

See ya all there....... I'll be the one with the ladybug cane
14 Tuesdays until we head out the door :D

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