Le Chefs was disappointing

Discussion in 'Disney Restaurants' started by LAS321, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. LAS321

    LAS321 When you wish upon a star...

    Jul 24, 2006
    :wizard: We returned from our trip on 8/15 and had a wonderful time...we try to go to new restaurants each trip and this year was Le Chefs. We read all the great reviews so gave it a try. First, the restaurant is very loud. While they may be trying to simulate a French bistro, it is uncomfortably loud. A woman and her daughter we finishing as we were ordering and the mom said to us she didn't hear a word her daughter said to her the whole meal!
    Anyway, I ordered the scallops and shrimp and my daughter ordered the mac and cheese. We were on the DDP, but the meal I ordered was listed at $32.00which in my opinion is not a cheap dinner. The meals came out and the scallops were not hot...not totally cold, but just not edible. The shrimp were fine. After finally getting the waiter's attention I tried to explain the scallops were gross....took awhile to get the message across but he simply took my plate (with the one shrimp tail on the side) and I guess the reheated the entire plate and brought it back out, eaten shrimp tail and all....they must have put the whole plate, gnocchis and all under the broiler. The scallops were hot, shrimp way overcooked and gnocchis dried out. All I had eaten was 1/2 a scallop and 1 shrimp....I think a new plate was in order and they could have left those 2 things off the new plate. It was a big disappointment, and honestly, I think when you're on the DDP you have a tendency to accept bad food....in a restaurant at home I never would have let that go by.
    The rest of our meals were quite good, but I would never go back to Le Chefs...
  2. LaurenT

    LaurenT DIS Veteran

    May 27, 2009
    Sorry to hear about your experience.
    I had one bad meal there as well, but have eaten there often and, with the exception of that one bad time, it's always been quite good.
    Food was tasty, staff attentive and atmosphere pleasant.
    I've never had a volume issue there (and I'm one of those people who can't hear you if I'm doing the dishes), so maybe that was particular to the section you were in?
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  4. goofyintoronto

    goofyintoronto I really wanted to like it, but I didnt.

    Mar 29, 2011
    what a disappointment! we were there a couple of days ago and had a great experience. we didnt find it loud, and the restaurant was pretty full. Could have totally been the section you were sitting in.

    our food was incredible from start to finish. the food is quite comparable to the cuisine served in paris. its one of my fave restaurants.

    In your shoes, they should have made you a new dish intead of just reheating it. I would have been disappointed as well.
  5. Pakey

    Pakey DIS Veteran

    Aug 29, 2007
    While the crowded tables and noise level are similar to the Paris bistros we tried on our vacation in France, I have not been impressed with the food at Chefs in recent years (this was a favorite restaurant before dining plan inception).

    I would have been unhappy having my plate returned after sitting under a heat lamp with now overcooked pasta. I agree that undercooked scallops warranted a new plate. I'm sorry you had a negative experience.
  6. JerseyJanice

    JerseyJanice A Disboards original...

    Aug 20, 1999
    Sorry that happened to you! I'd have been disappointed too.

    We've been to Les Chefs twice. The first time, it was excellent; the second time, not so good. However, I enjoyed the atmosphere, service, creme brulee, and Remy enough on both visits that I would go again. I just wouldn't order the lobster bisque or chicken again. Next time, I'd go with the onion soup and a beef dish (and creme brulee, obviously).
  7. JennyDrake

    JennyDrake Darkwing Duck's Biggest Fan

    Aug 8, 2000
  8. B-Ride

    B-Ride Getting My Disney Fix

    Apr 7, 2008
    Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. We have eaten at Chefs 6 years in a row and have never had a bad experience. Our meal last week was the best we have had in years. My wife had the same shrimp and scallop meal and really enjoyed it. Even with the evil Dining Plan that everyone blames the end of the world on, we still enjoyed our meal.
  9. deanie

    deanie Mouseketeer

    May 10, 2004
    This is where we have our candlelight processional in Nov. One good review, one bad! I was planning on having the shrimp and scallops too!:scared1:
  10. DeborahA

    DeborahA DIS Veteran

    Jun 17, 2005
    We have also only had good experiences there. Our favorite is the short ribs. We get it every time--even though we should try other things--we always go back to that dish because it is just that good. So sorry you had a bad experience--maybe just an off night.
  11. Ro Z

    Ro Z DIS Veteran

    May 22, 2010
    We have been twice since Nov 2011. I had the same thing both times. The onion soup, short ribs and creme brulee. Great. DH and DS got steak and loved it . My complaint...too much food. :rotfl: The last time we were in the front room and could see illuminations. Great but it was a lot louder than the other room we were in. And tables were closer together. But that is to be expected. That is the Disney way!
  12. bluejasmine

    bluejasmine DIS Veteran

    Mar 5, 2005
    I havent been to Chefs since I was 13! Im now 38! LOL We have dinner ressie here in a few weeks and Im looking fwd to it! Hoping it will be ok. I first had a ADR for San Angel but DH asked me to change it, we were there in June and he had a run in with someone that worked in the pavillion that wasnt so great... LOL
  13. elaine amj

    elaine amj DIS Veteran

    Jan 26, 2012
    I would have been thoroughly disappointed about your experience too. I'm not shy about sending food back if I don't find the food acceptable. But sending it back and have it put under a food lamp...I would have been mad!!

    We just had lunch there last week and loved our experience. DH and I were pretty full as we couldn't resist getting some QS sushi in Japan just before. So we decided that just the 2 kids would eat. It was a low crowd day and the place was only half full for lunch so it was very quiet for us.

    Our waiter insisted on bringing baguettes for all of us. OMG the baguettes were good!! (Not the best I've had - but VERY good for being served in America) We ended up eating through 2 baskets of it LOL! I thought the kids meals were great value for 1 TS credit. They got a choice of a cheese puff pastry or salad for app (the pastry was BIG and came with a small portion of salad), an entree, and dessert. The entree and dessert was solidly good and overall our experience was excellent. Remy was so much fun to see! The TS was worth it just for the baguette though :)

    Our waiter managed to incorrectly process our dinner receipt and we weren't able to give him a tip as we had no cash. He insisted it was ok since it was his fault. My DH was so happy with the service (and our happy kids), he absolutely insisted we order a $4 bottle of Perrier so we could give the guy a $15 tip for our $30 meal. It was worth every penny and more!!
  14. Gr8t Fan

    Gr8t Fan DIS Veteran

    Jul 7, 2009
    What you describe is simply unacceptable. I would have spoken to a manager.

    We had a GREAT meal there last week. It was definitely loud, but was one of the standouts of the 16 TS places we ate at. I had the short ribs, DD had salmon, DD had the mac and cheese and I forget what my DH had, but all of the meals were very, very good.

    BEASLYBOO 2017, watch out!

    Oct 5, 2007
    It's part of the charm, along witht the decor.

    Unfortunately, I also agree, dinner is bleh! It was very good, many years ago! It's not that the food is bad or inedible, its just un-inspired, nothing special. I still do lunch there from time to time, it's still fine and not such an assault on the wallet!

    As far as service, I've always had good service, certainly not rude service. Can't complain there!
  16. Micca

    Micca SAHG: Stay At Home Grandfather

    Dec 5, 2000
    We had dinner there on one of our recent trips. I don't remember much, except that DW had the onion soup that was so hot she couldn't eat it for quite a while. I had the short ribs and...meh. Service was ok, just about every place at WDW is loud so I didn't find this anything out of the ordinary.
    Can't imagine we'd be going there again.:earsboy:

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