*LAX Airport Shuttle?


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Aug 25, 2000
I have been to Disneyland dozens of times, but never without a rental car. Since we have no intentions of going anywhere else, my husband and I decided to save money on a car that will sit in a parking lot.

So, now I need some advice on airport shuttles. Has anyone got a preference, or know of a great deal or coupon? How much can I expect to spend? How inconvenient is a shuttle (like, will I lose tons of time out of my last day?)

Thanks in advance for all the feedback!! :D
If you use the Super Shuttle its approx $30 per person both ways. They will make 3 stops prior getting to your hotel. They are very convient. You can go into their web site www.supershuttle.com.

We are also using them and you need to call them up 24 hrs prior to coming in and letting them know when they can expect you in and then 24 hrs prior to departing your hotel you need to call them and confirm a pickup.

Very good service. Why waste the money on a rental car when its (like you say) in a parking lot.


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