Latest Rumor: Sylvester McMonkey McBean's Unusual Driving Machines


DIS Veteran
Mar 8, 2000
Well, the latest rumor from Screamscape is actually almost believable. I know this topic has been kind of beaten to death but here is the latest:

"Just what is happening now with this project is anyone guess... but a reader did claim to have heard one possible plan to bring the ride to life. This source claims that a modified version of the ride system used on Cat and MIB is being investigated for use as the new Driving Machines. If they go through with it, some modifications may have to be made to the buildings and the end result may be very similar to the Disney Peoplemover. Of course, others in the past have claimed that the ride may be scrapped. Either way, it’s not high on the company’s adgenda."

The Cat in the Hat ride system seems like it could be a good idea, but it still leaves the question of how to evacuate the cars if a power failure occurs?? It's really not a ride that I'm looking forward to that much either way, but at least those tracks will finally be used for something and the ride would help disperse crowds slightly I'm sure. Any new news Earl??

That rumor from Screamscape is the absolute biggest pile of you know what that I have ever heard. There's absolutley no way the MIB or Cat cars could be adapted to fit the track. This goes back to an inferior track design from Severn-Lamb, the company in England that screwed everything up. There will never be a ride on that track, on those columns, that will ever support individual cars. It's technically impossible as it stands there today. The only plan that came close to happening last year was not using cars, and besides all of the logistical problems, would have had a throughput level somewhere around P-Flyers for something shy of a seven or eight million dollar investment. The payback isn't there. This may come to life again, and it may not. I'd almost dare to say that there's as much of a chance of it being removed and replaced with something else as to be built out on this track and support system.


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