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Earning My Ears
Jul 24, 2000
It sounds like you folks had an interesting chat session. I guess I should figure out how to use that system one of these days. :rolleyes: Is there any new information about what the changes to FOTL are going to be for on-site guests?

Thanks!! :)
It was interesting. Please join us the next time. It was only my second chat, so I'm still learning too. Apparently the new system they are implementing has several components. Earl really needs to explain it. But from what I understand, onsiters will go to a kiosk and sort of be given a schedule of when to report to what attraction and at that point they will go the FOTL.

Do I have it right Earl?
Maybe I'm not understanding this...FOTL is now not "all day" but "one time per day" and in the order you are told to go in? This doesn't sound too appealing!
How does this affect other perks such as priority seating at restaurants? I have the diabetic 5 year old and other than Emerils have not made any reservations assuming that I would be seated first because I am staying at the Portofino. I know they will probably let me seat first anyway but my daughter is sometimes bothered by the fact that we have to announce she has diabetes to get seated right away. I also was very happy about the front of the line priveledges for rides because long lines can make her have low blood sugars because of all the waiting and extra exercise. I would hate to have to wait just to have her announce that she is low and has to eat. Last year we got a guest assisstance pass but again I hate being so obtrusive and was glad that we would just use the FOTL. I am going Feb 12 - Feb 22nd do you think all these changes will be made by then? For once I would like my daughter and the rest of the family to feel normal and not have to bring up diabetes so often. That was going to be easy this year because of all the FOTL perks. We try to go off season for this very fact. It wasn't that crowded last year but we will see. Vacations although very fun are a very trying time for us medically speaking. Kepp me posted and thanks for all the info.

Emrils is the only restaurant that does not offer Priority Seating for Portofino guests. You MUST call Emrils and make a reservation for when you want to go! If you do not have a reservation and the restaurant is booked up, they will not let you have a table even if you say you have medical problems.

If you're planning to go to Emeril's on your trip schedule, you should have already called. Good luck, but they usually have at least a 30-45 day wait.
Thanks so much for the update!

The system sounds a bit complex. Did you get the feeling that the new system will place big limit your flexibility? In other words, I wonder if on-site guests will still be able to go to a park for a few hours, go on the few rides in which they are most interested (using FOTL), leave the park for awhile (perhaps for an afternoon swim) and return to the parks in the evening (using FOTL again). I would hate to feel that I've become the prisoner of some ride schedule card. Also, do you know if its true that FOTL will mean just one ride on an attraction per day?

Thank you again.

P.S. - Wow. I never knew that you had to book Emeril's so long in advance! Good to know!!
This is a bummer! I got my Budget Travel today (March-April) issue, and Universal has a whole page add stating Express Ride Access All Day, Every Day for on-site hotel guests! If they were going to change it, why advertise otherwise? Boy, will people ever be mad if they are staying on site because of the way Universay advertises and then don't get what they thought they were promised!!
Amen to that! I cancelled my ressie for an offsite hotel and booked HRH for March 1 -2 just based on having FOTL as has been hyped up on this board. Of course, as soon as I do that, I see that March 1st is when the supposedly "new and improved" system goes into effect. Yippee.

I do understand that unlimited FOTL for on-site guests is unfair for everyone else. I wouldn't argue with that. I would be happy with just being able to use FOTL once per day, per ride, by going up to the ride and swiping my room key. Fine.

But I am NOT excited about having to visit some Kiosk to get an appointment time for a ride, like Fastpass. It places constraints on free movement. :mad:

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On-site doesn't need to use the kiosk. And on-site does have access all day, just like the ad says.
Just to clarify I DID make reservations for Emerils. Valentines Day no less. It is all the other reservations I did not make. Am I going to get Priority seating because I am staying at the Portofino? We usually eat early 5:00 or 5:30 so I don't have that many problems but like I said it would be nice to not have to worry about it. I can still start to make reservations like I did last year. But the flexibility of choosing where we want to eat on that day would be nice. Thanks again for your help. And just a little tidbit about Emerils. Last year we had lunch reservations and wouldn't you know my boys and I got stuck on the Jurassic park ride for about 45 mins. My husband and daughter were waiting for us and didn't know what was going on. Well I was so concerned about the reservations that I had the IOA guy call for us because we couldn't disembark till they decided what they were going to do. Well luckily they did call and while we were only about 15 mins late they did hold our reservation. I guess you have to make allowances for guests stuck on rides!!!! It was funny now but I would have been disappointed to not eat there. It was a highlight. My kids just loved having waiters always pick up their napkins and pour their water. Our head waiter was originally from NJ so we actually talked to him quite a bit. I still don't know if I would do dinner with kids but lunch was fine.
I'm really confused, now. All of these various discussion strings seem to be saying different things. What can you currently tell us about the new FOTL policy for on-site guests?

Can you tell us if on-site guests will be limited to one FOTL ride per attraction per day? Also, will FOTL for on-site guests mean that get a timed entry card? Finally, will FOTL continue to be a different line from Universal Express?

I don't mean to be a pain. If you can't respond to these questions now, I certainly understand. But if that's the case, could you give us an idea about when these details will be released (and the best way to find out?)

Thank you.
I'm very confused as well. If on-site guests don't use the kiosk, then who does? Do we get FOTL one time per day? If so, can we use it at any time we want? I think I read that Universal Express is ending, but what about the early mornings? Is it any multi-day ticket holder that can get in on the early mornings? I'm trying to decide whether or not I want to keep my HRH reservations for this August.
Some people posted on this board claiming they know a new policy about to take effect which has really confused a lot of people. There is no policy that I am aware of and that supervisors at Universal are aware of which is changing the FOTL policy. If someone actually knows something specific it would help if they would state where this information came from or is it simply speculation. This would really be appreciated!!
Come on Earl, there are some very confused people out here! Can you clear up all this confusion please! I mean, what do we pay you for!!! (We DO pay you don't we??? ;) )


Sorry mclopezz, you may not be hearing about it on the west coast, but it starts here in Florida next week. The training seminars for the general staff start today.

I volunteer because it's so much fun, what's this pay stuff. Anyway, I really don't want to go into this too far, as the program is likely to be adjusted somewhat. Basically, the way it was originally explained was all on-site guests can go right to the attraction and get in the Express line. Each person will get their own access card. My understanding is those folks will not need to schedule a time at a kiosk. There will be computers at each attraction to track everyone's usage. Any off-site folks must go to a kiosk to schedule a time. Any single day ticket, can book one attraction at a time, The can book a second after the use the first, or after two hours after they previously used the kiosk. Multi-tickets are the same as single days except that they can book three attractions at a time.

Hopefully this answers some questions. This is the way it was explained to me, but it is subject to change. The program kicks off next week. I'm sure that somebody will find something they don't like about it, but Universal Orlando is determined to have the best system in place once it all settles down. You should be able to get more specifics through guest services next week. They are being trained now and nearly 300 people have been assigned to this system.
Earl -

I can understand your hesitancy in explaining the new policy, particularly since the system might be subject to modification. However, I still find your clarification to be helpful.

Thanks again!
Will annual passes be able to use the kiosks?


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Thanks Earl.
I presume that on-site guests can only ride each attraction once via the express line and that off-site guests can only "Schedule" a ride on each attraction once??



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