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Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by Judy from Boise, Jun 22, 2006.

  1. My2Cinderellas

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    Jun 2, 2005
    Mandalay Bay - I was at there a couple of weeks ago and had a great stay! The hotel was beautiful, room was excellent - enormous, we had the basic cheapo conference rate room and it was wonderful! Much much nicer than Caesar's a couple years ago... Loved the bathroom, it was huge - and there is something to be said for lounging in the giant tub watching TV. King bed was very comfortable. I asked for a refrigerator at check in to store meds in, and it was delivered about 15-20 minutes after we arrived in the room. Great service. Housekeeping was not stellar, our room didn't get the thorough going over since we were there multiple nights. I had to ask for fresh sheets, I had a small nose bleed one night and the sheets were stained, the housekeeper left them on the bed and there was no way she could have missed the stain. That was the only mis-step of the trip.

    Restaurant prices have gone up! Best deal of the trip was eating at the Burger Bar in the shops connecting Mandalay Bay and Luxor. Delicious! Stopped in for dessert at the Chocolate Swan based on recommendations here, the desserts were tasty but not OMG over the top good. And if you are going to charge $8 for a piece of cake, I want it on a china plate with a real fork, not plastic.

    One downside to the Mandalay is of course location. The tram to Excalibur is nice, and then NYNY and MGM are easy to get to, but to go any further you need to cab it. It's a hot dusty walk through a construction zone to get to mid-strip. Did it once under protest with DH and friends on the first day, then I put my blistered foot down and insisted on a cab back to the Mandalay...
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    Jan 8, 2006
    I've only been to Vegas a couple of times, but here's some impressions:

    Stratosphere (2003)
    Pros: Not a bad room for the price, a casino layout that actually makes sense, decent buffet:

    Cons: Had trouble with the plumbing fixtures in my room, just too far away from things (I made the mistake of walking everywhere on this trip,) room had an obstructed view

    Monte Carlo (2007)
    Pros: Has some theming, but isn't over-the-top like some places, the room was nice and clean, friendly staff, nice pool, good central location

    Cons: Lots of construction in the area, crummy buffet, an occasional tendency to catch fire
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    Feb 6, 2009
    Planet Hollywood (Formerly the Aladdin)

    My wife and I go to Vegas 2-3 times a year. We have stayed all over (Paris, Excalibur, Orleans, Mandalay Bay, Bally's, Monte Carlo, Bellagio). I just wanted to let those who are thinking about Planet Hollywood to know one fact...

    If you stay there and use self-parking, you must walk through the entire mall in order to get to your room. Great if you want exercise, but not great after a long night of Vegas fun. We have not stayed there since. Great and fun hotel. Great location. Good buffet. Long walk to your room.

  5. the who #3

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    Aug 25, 2006
    las vegas must be have hard times right now. the casinos (bellagio, ceasars, etc.) have been sending me a lot of great offers. free nights for myself and also extra free rooms for my friends and family, plus free food and show tickets. free tickets for some of the greatest shows in las vegas. those things are usually very expensive. i guess everybody gets hit with the bad financial times.:sad2:

    too bad!:worried: but if you can make it you will have a great time:thumbsup2
  6. Tina

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    Aug 20, 1999
    My experiences:

    Luxor: Stayed there during my most recent trip at the insistence of one of my friends (she's a huge Criss Angel fan and was determined to "find him :rolleyes: ). This hotel was the biggest dump I'd ever stayed in. Shortly after checking into my room, I took off my shoes to relax. Within 5 minutes, the soles of my white socks were BLACK with filth. The beds were very uncomfortable and well worn. I looked like something out of a comedy film when I plopped onto the edge of the bed at the bottom corner and fell backward onto the floor. It was so saggy, it ejected me! LOL I won't even go into the description of what looked like a blood stain on the wall. The casino area was just ok. Nothing special. It was often difficult to find the right elevator to get to our room (we were in the pyramid). We laughed at how, when walking the hotel corridor near our room, we could look over the waist high wall to see the storage area of the hotel. I was expecting to look over and see part of the casino. Instead I saw a dark area full of Christmas trees (It was September). I wouldn't stay here again if it were free.

    Bellagio: I've stayed here twice and its absolutely beautiful. Comfortable beds, nice bath supplies, large marble bathroom with a separate shower and soaking tub. And don't forget the Bellagio Buffet. The best tasting buffet in Vegas!

    Hard Rock: I've stayed here a few times. Its nicely themed, clean, and comfortable. I love the small, coziness of the casino. Fun atmosphere.

    TI: I've stayed here many times over the years, but not since they changed the name and theme. I've always liked it as a cheap, yet nice hotel. I think its best feature is the ease of getting around. Unlike many of the resorts, the garage access to your rental car is a breeze! No winding casino floors or confusing directions. Just up the escalator and out the door!

    Monte Carlo: I've stayed here twice and both times were pleasant. Its pretty basic, but clean. The lighting in the bathroom was a bit dark (no light near the shower!), but other than that, a nice place to stay. Another one with easy garage access. You don't even have to enter the casino floor to go from your room to your car at this hotel.

    MGM Grand: I stayed here just one night and it was nice enough. We had a small suite and the room was huge. The resort is so large that its overwhelming and easy to get confused.

    NYNY: I laughed at an early post here saying that the wallpaper was peeling in their room. We stayed in this hotel during their first month of business and I remember noticing peeling wallpaper in our room back then! Rooms are pretty noisy (thin walls) and there's nothing special about them at all. I wouldn't stay here again unless the price was under $50 per night.
  7. KKB

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    Feb 11, 2005
    We have been to Vegas over a dozen times.

    Ballys is the hotel we keep coming back to. Best location (dead center of the strip), huge rooms, always great rates. The south tower rooms desperately need renovating, but have great strip views. The north tower rooms are SO nice...thought it was nicer than Paris. Casino easy to navigate, like proximity to Paris & PH, easy to get to strip.

    TI is another fav. We have stayed since the remodel. Lovely rooms, we like Isla MX restaurant there. Easy to navigate casino, getting to strip.

    We just stayed at Caesars last month. Nicest room I have stayed in in Vegas. (DH said second only to his suite at Mandalay Bay:mad:the one trip I regret missing). QUIET area...LONG walk out to strip. Like proximity to the Forum shops. Actually the walking was GOOD---LOST weight on this trip!

    Speaking of Mandalay Bay...this is my FAV casino/clubs/restaurants/pool (should have been room....) BUT the location STINKS.:confused:

    Mirage--great pool, great location, like casino/restaurants, rooms fine. We haven't stayed in a few years, Harrahs resorts keep giving us better rates.

    MGM...rooms are fine, like the casino, but not a fan of south strip (except Mandalay Bay which I LOVE), and I hated the LONG walk from room...thru strip...I didn't mind the long walk from Caesars room as much, as I like the casinos surrounding it. fine, big fan of this casino/sports book & its proximity to my fav poker room at PH. We usually pick Ballys for better rates, but HET comped us Paris in Oct, really hoping to go (6 weeks after WDW...NOT sure...)

    Downtown...I will never stay downtown again. Fun for a day--cheap rooms, cheap gambling, cheap food. BUT THERE IS NOTHING ELSE TO DO...when my gambling budget ran out for the day, I didn't feel like spending $25 each way for a cab to the strip (or 45min. each way on the bus...) I felt trapped & bored (it was too cool to hang by the pool...GN has a neat pool, if not too big) Might be OK in summer, I could at least hit the pool.
    Golden Nugget...nice rooms & casino. IF I had to stay downtown, I would stay here.
    Fitzgerald...YUK..only place I will never stay again in Vegas; there were fans going in the hall outside our room when we got there (clearly this should have tipped us off). Smelled like sour milk when we walked in. If we had been staying more than one night, I would have turned right back around. (actually the room itself didn't smell bad, just right by the door). BUT we had just got to Vegas, dropped our luggage & were out until 4AM...slept 4 hours...then checked out to head to our free rooms at Ballys!:woohoo: We paid little for this room...but I have had FAR better comped rooms!

    I would love to stay at Mandalay Bay, Bellagio, Wynn or Encore. But I am cheap. We are in our room a few hours a day. (MB has had some great rates--I will stay there, but the location is a big drawback for me). I would like to stay at Venetian or Palazzo, but the scent literally had me breathing w/ difficulty on our last trip; will never go in there again.

    I am slowly working my way thru HET properties as they offer us free rooms; I always take the best place they offer us. (CP was a wonderful surprise to find online one day, as was Paris for Oct.!) I will try Rio, Harrahs, Flamingo & Imperial Palace sometime if they are willing to comp me! (I will let you know about Flamingo after our July trip!)

    But given a choice, I will always stay from TI to PH; I rarely wander further than that. (an evening cab to Mandalay Bay is it)
  8. the who #3

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    Aug 25, 2006
    i still vote for the bellagio. i love the hotel, atmosphere, the pleasant greeting from all employees, and the best buffet in lv. also, that is the only casino that i win in!;).. never win anything in any other but always in the bellagio casino. i have stopped waisting my time and money in the others.:sad2:

    i have not tried the other mgm players club casinos in resent years (in las vegas) but i do go to the gold strike in tunica, miss. and also have terrific luck there. the gold strike is also owned by mgm mirage players club and has lovely and comfortable rooms.:woohoo:

    they also send out free plane flights for their players! i also get free gourmet food. great place to go if your in the south.:thumbsup2

    tunica is beginning to have some very nice shows with well know artist also, just not as large famous and flashy as vegas but very ::yes::::yes::::yes::::yes::good.::yes:::goodvibes
  9. SouthernExplorer

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    Jun 21, 2009

    Clean and spacious suites at budget motel prices!
    Penn & Teller-great down to earth guys and a great show!
    Off the Strip, but free shuttle to other Harrah properties on the Strip
    Rub BBQ, and their fantastic buffets

    We're seeing Bette Midler this summer and are staying at the Rio again! :yay:

    Roxy's Diner-we go every time when we hit Vegas
    Bad rooms-they need to be renovated
    Poor gambling service-I was made to feel dumb because I had the book Gambling for Dummies with me.

    Suncoast or Goldcoast-wonderful room we stayed in-off the strip and near the Rio.
  10. Kitty 34

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    Feb 16, 2000
    After 4 trips now to Vegas, I'll put in my two cents on this thread which btw I never found/read while planning any of my trips....darn! I always love DISer opinions!:thumbsup2

    Here is where I stayed (all in June) and my opinions:

    1st Trip '03....Monte Carlo. Elegant hotel. Pool area was great and close to everything. Our view from the 30 something floor was awesome! I enjoyed the location as that "corner" with MGM, NYNY and Excaliber were quite exciting and entertaining. Plenty to do with our teen-age sons at the time. It was a great hotel for a 1st time trip. :)

    2nd trip '07.....Flamingo. Went with my Mom and some other family members. I loved our room and the full length windows looking out at the gardens! Did not care for the pool at all even though to look at it, it's beautiful. It was too much of a party pool. People standing everywhere in the pool with their drinks. I like to drink at the side and swim in the pool. Also, the pool area is quite a walk from the hotel.
    The location of the hotel was nice, tho. It was fun watching the Bellagio lights almost every night. Ballys and Paris are next store and were fun gambling places. Mom and I loved Bill's (right next door) the best, tho. Quite a quaint little casino with an awesome breakfast!!

    3rd and 4th trip '08 and '09.....Golden Nugget. We love the Golden Nugget and being downtown!! Quite a few family members, including my DH and 3 sons (now in their 20s) went on both trips. We stayed in the South Tower but, like this year, for $39 a night, the rooms aren't that bad at all!!! ;)
    We love the pool area as it became a great "meeting" spot for all of us. It's so close to everything. What I really liked was even tho the pool itself closed at 8:00, the pool area is open until a lot later so you can just hang out in the chairs and visit. Nice break from just walking and gambling all the time!!
    We love being on Fremont Street. There's so much happening at night and then in the mornings it's so calm and quiet. I love being able to run into about 6 different casinos all in a matter of minutes. We still do our 1 day trip to the strip and also eat at Ellis Island with those great steak deals that one day, but it's so nice when we get back "home" to Fremont Street.:goodvibes

    That's it for now........
  11. mmouse37

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    Jun 29, 2001
    Went with hubby to Vegas twice along with friends....first time we stayed at Bellagio....LOVED IT!!!

    Last year we stayed at Wynn....really enjoyed that as well but liked the Bellagio better. Especially liked the Bellagio casino better.

    In August DD's and I and some friends are doing a girls trip.....this time we are staying at Planet Hollywood. DD stayed there before and enjoyed it.

    I like trying new hotels so will see!!

  12. LovintheLodge

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    Sep 9, 2005
    Thanks KKB! We'll be at TI in 2 weeks. The other family we're travelling with wanted to stay there (I wanted Mandalay Bay for the pool for the 4 teens). I was a little hesitant about the hotel, but feel better after your post regarding the rooms, location, etc.
  13. Magix

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    Jun 24, 2003
    Doing a lot of Vegas trips this year, because of all the special deals I'm receiving. Stayed at Golden Nugget (my 2nd time) in April. Nice rooms, comfy beds. Stayed in the South Tower. Wouldn't dare stay anywhere else downtown, but the GN is a very nice, clean place. Great pool with the Shark Tank in the middle, too! Both my stays there have been very enjoyable.

    Stayed at the Encore in June. Fantastic, fantastic!! Got a killer deal for $109 a night midweek ($159 for the Friday we stayed), so that's why we went. The rooms are 750 square feet. Huge bathroom with separate tub and shower. Big closet. Super comfy bed. Big LCD TV in the bedroom/living area plus a smaller LCD in the bathroom. Divided living/office area and bedroom. Living area has a nice couch/lounger. Floor to ceiling windows with bedside automatic curtain controls. Each room has a doorbell, even! My friends stayed in a 2 bed room and they didn't have the separate living and bedroom areas, but it was still a wonderful room. Regardless of how much you've spent to stay there, all staff treat you as though you belong in that kind of fancy joint. Downside is that the food is expensive and you have to wander over to the Wynn (connected by a high-end shopping corridor) for casual dining of any kind. Very minor issue, though. Didn't manage to get to the pool, but it looked marvelous from the room. They have a regular pool and a European (top optional) pool. Highly, highly recommend a stay at this hotel. Just marvelous!! I think it may well have ruined me for all other Vegas hotels.

    Will be staying at New York, New York for my first time in October. Got a deal for 2 nights free.

    Will also be staying at the Mirage for my first time in December. Got a deal for 3 nights free for that one!! Such amazing deals right now, particularly for MGM/Mirage Players Club members. That's how Dad and I both got the free stay deals. Neither of us gambles much during our visits, but they're still sending us killer offers. Definitely worth joining players clubs just to see what kind of offers you'll receive.

    After visiting Planet Hollywood casino and having a really great time, I very much want to try the place out for a stay sometime soon.
  14. DisneySuiteFreak

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    Aug 4, 2007
    Shhhhh! Don't let the secret about Downtown out or everyone else will take over the area! :goodvibes I love Downtown too! We go every year to LV at least 3-5 times a year for 1-2 weeks at a time. We've stayed on strip and Downtown, and prefer Downtown for gambling and strip for pools and themes. We've stayed at Harrah's, Mandalay Bay, Venetian, NYNY, MGM, Rio --all of them numerous times. We prefer Downtown for better gambling odds. Downtown we've stayed at GN, Main Street Station and California Hotel. We always get comped RFB + suites Downtown. We get comped in smallish, so-called suites on the strip too, but nothing like downtown. We always rent a car so transportation is not an issue. I like being able to eat, dink and stay for free on the casinos dime, and since we're not whales, we have to stay where they appreciate our play. Downtown it is!
  15. Peri

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    Oct 25, 2005
    Anopther vote for downtown - but keep it quiet!
    We go one to two times a year for 4 to 5 days. We now always stay at Golden Nugget but have also been to Main St. Station (which has the best inexpensive buffet around). I didn't like the walk from the outdoor lot at MSS - it was kind of creepy. We drive so transportation is not an issue but I will say i usually just get a bus pass on "deuce" the strip/tourist bus - and have never had any trouble getting around on that, as I leave downtown very early (before 8 am) - it is fast as the wind. Have also stayed at Mandalay Bay - too pricey - lousy casino odds (!!!:scared1:) - but lovely room and great bathroom! One stay in the Mandalay Tower - wow what a view! - well the pools there are fabulous, too. Have also had experience at the Rio - nice and Penn and Teller are great. The free overhead show is now "adult" themed instead of carnival so be warned if you are taking kids. A good friend has stayed at TI, Excal., and Luxor several times - I visited the rooms - the TI rooms are NEW and really nice! Luxor is okay, kind of odd. I miss the egyptian heavy theming. Excal is a great money saving deal!

    I hope whoever goes has a great time! Dont forget to take the free shuttle from downtown or drive out to Sam's Town with their audioanimatronic western show and a full movie theater and bowling alley (hey, if you get tired of throwing money away, it is nice to doze during a movie!!)

    have a great trip, All!!
  16. pppiglet

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    Jul 31, 2004
    We just got back from Excalibur. Would not stay there again as we like to try different places, but they have some really good rates right now. ($22 week days)

    It was too drab in the room and DH said the furniture looked like trailer trash. The casino was pretty smokey. We did like the food though. This was really had to stretch to reach the toilet paper from the toilet! : )

    We walked from there to the Venetian and back going through all the casinos to decide where to stay next time. We really liked Mandalay Bay, Paris, and Venetian. NYNY was nice too. We figure we walked 10 plus miles on Saturday. My legs are just starting to get back to normal!
  17. momrek06

    momrek06 DIS Veteran

    Dec 23, 2005
    :wave2: Howdy!!

    We have stayed in VEGAS 2x.

    2002 PARIS - loved it. 2004 RIO - loved the RIO but hated the logisitics of having to wait for the bus to shuttle us back and forth to the strip. PENN & TELLER were/are AWESOME!!! :goodvibes

    We relocated to SoCal from Boston. We want to head to Vegas for Xmas. Is there allot going on during Xmas in Vegas? We would drive and I am thinking along the lines of BALLY's as it is smack in the middle of the strip!!!

    My DS' were there in March and stayed at the LUXOR mid-week and booked rooms for $59.00 per night and when they checked in they were actually upgraded. They did say Luxor was lovely lovely BUT it is too far at the end of the strip. :headache:


  18. KKB

    KKB DIS Veteran

    Feb 11, 2005
    December some shows are dark...
    If you like the Beatles, you should like LOVE, if you are a Cirque fan.

    As I said before, Ballys is the one we keep coming back to for good rates & great location and HUGE rooms...we always book a south tower & settle for great views even if they need renovated. BUT we always ask if a free upgrade to north tower is available & we have always been accomodated. Still huge, mountain views, lovely renovation.

    TI is as far north as I like, and PH as far south.

    We did Flamingo in July; eh, paid $25/nt to upgrade our comped rooms to stay in a GO room...nice room, but we won't stay at Flamingo again. Don't care for the casino.

    Downtown--either you love it or you don't. I like to go for one day. But we stayed at Golden Nugget one trip for 3 nights...GREAT hotel. But if your gambling budget is shot--and it is too cool for the pool--there is NOTHING to do.
  19. momrek06

    momrek06 DIS Veteran

    Dec 23, 2005
    We love CIRQUE...seen quite of few of their shows between La Nouba in Disney to their traveling shows that would come to Boston. My whole family absolutely loves all the Beatles music so we thought that would be a good choice for a show. I will have to see if it is dark when we plan on being there.

    Now booking BALLY's...when you call can you REQUEST a TOWER? Which TOWER faces the Strip and which TOWER faces the MOUNTAINS...we love watching the Strip activity. I face the SAN GABRIEL MTNS here from our top floor apt in SoCal...sooo I would love to see the VEGAS STRIP!!!

    TIA!!! :goodvibes

    EDITED: LOVE is dark through Xmas holidays but KA is running during the holidays!!! :)
  20. DisneySuiteFreak

    DisneySuiteFreak DIS Veteran

    Aug 4, 2007
    We recently stayed in the standard rooms at the Mirage and they are really nicely appointed and good sized. It looks rather retro, but hip. I liked that the windows pop open so you can get some fresh air in the room. The pool at Mirage is lovely, but will probably be closed due to the weather. The Mirage is very centrally located, right next door to Caesar's Palace and Treasure Island, and across the street from Harrah's, Casino Royale, and Venetian. The Beatles Love show is awesome! We'd see it again. You should double check and make sure it's running though because a lot of shows go dark in December through New Years, particularly the Cirque shows. As the other poster said, there is nothing to do outside of gambling in the winter months, except for sightseeing and checking out the various casinos/hotel themes. Which brings me to my next pont...a lot of the hotels are 'detheming' now, so there may not be as much to see. December, especially closer to Xmas is usually very slow in Vegas.
  21. Pakey

    Pakey DIS Veteran

    Aug 29, 2007
    For all of you going, please make sure to sign up online at each resort's website to receive internet deals. The emails I have gotten in the past month are crazy cheap for rooms. I was there in August and will be going again in 4 weeks. Although I do not like Mandalay Bay (too boring), getting a room for $35 a night is a good deal for anyone looking to stay for less. I'm staying at the Venetian in the Venezia Tower for $135/nite which includes breakfast. I paid 3 times that 2 years ago for the same room category.

    I also got excellent seats at Love for $106 per person from an online promo I received.

    momrek06, KA is an excellent show. It's my favorite of the ones I have seen in Las Vegas so far (I liked it better than "O", Mystere, and La Reve).

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