Labor Day Weekend - Last Hurrah!

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by kamgen, Sep 3, 2002.

  1. kamgen

    kamgen DIS Veteran

    Aug 3, 2000
    Well, we just returned last night from what we called our "Last Hurrah" trip. Reason for the name, this was our last time using our annual passes before they expire.

    Cast: Me (Kamy) and DH (Tim or tarzanman on the DIS)

    Overall Weather: HOT, 100% HUMIDITY and SOME RAIN

    We worked a half a day and then headed off to Detroit Metro Airport. We were on a 3:45pm flight, but decided to try and go standby to get on the 1:43 flight. Security was a breeze and we headed to the gate. Unfortunately, due to delays earlier, there were many people trying to get on this flight. So we could not get a seat. So, down to the gate for our 3:45 flight. Well, to make a long story short, at 4:30, we were still sitting in the terminal!!:( Supposed to land in MCO at 6:08pm. Instead we landed around much for getting to WDW early!!!:rolleyes:

    We picked up our rental car from Dollar. No lines, great service, and the code we used from Mousesavers worked great. When we pulled out of the parking garage, the sky was black. Would we still make it to EPCOT? Of was just water.

    We drove to Boardwalk and checked in. Again, no lines and great service. We love being DVC members. :) We were in a studio preferred view. I figured since we checked in so late, we would get a view of the quiet pool or something like that....well, we had a partial boardwalk view. Room 4065 was on the corner, where the courtyard and the lobby are. The view was great. We could see the Y&C Club, ESPN Club and the lake. It was really a great room.

    We dropped of our bags, grabbed the trusty WDW ponchos and headed out to EPCOT to see Illuminations.
    We got into EPCOT as the ran started coming down harder. It was about 8:15pm. We headed over to Mexico and found a table under an umbrella near Cantina San Angel. We had Nachos, a churro and a margarita. Great as usual. :)
    After we ate, we headed down to CHina and found a bench to watch Illuminations. Now, it was not too busy because of the rain, and it was coming down! I was drenched UNDER my poncho! :( But, we were glad to be there and able to watch Illuminations!
    As always, it was fabulous....even in the rain. After, dh and I took our "traditional" walk around the WS lagoon listening to the music from the show and the TOD parade. We always walk around and take it all in as other people race to get out of the park. This trip we were not in a hurry. We were at WDW in April and did the one week commando trip. :) This was just about being there together.
    After we left EPCOT, we headed back to BWV. We watched some tv and I was already feeling sick. I had a sore throat all day, but now it was really bad. We went to sleep about 11:30pm.

    I woke up about 6am feeling terrible :( and I didn't want to wake dh, so I moved around quietly. My throat was killing me, so I got up to make some hot tea. Low and tea bags...only coffee. Now, let me preface this by saying I do not drink much caffeine and NEVER drink coffee. But my throat was so bad and I needed something hot. And after seeing that hot tea from room service would have cost me about $10, I felt coffee would have to do. I made a pot of coffee and sat out on the balcony in a blanket. The view was wonderful. I finished the pot and made another one. I also added 3 EQUAL to each cup. Lets just say afterwards, I was wired.
    Dh woke up and we went off to our Character Breakfast at Akershus in EPCOT. Getting in was easy and we were seated promptly for our 8:30am seating. The food was alright, very basic eggs, cheesy potatoes, sausage and french toast sticks. The fruit and pastries were good. The characters were Snow White, Belle, Jasmine, and Aurora. DH was very excited as he has never had his picture taken with Aurora, so that was cool. ;)
    After breakfast we headed to FW. We rode JIYI and thought it was lines. We then went to Innoventions and walked through. Then off to my favorite ride at EPCOT, Spaceship Earth. Again, no line. We then went to The Land and watched the Lion King movie on the environment. We really like this one.
    At this point in the day, I had crashed from my coffee experience. My legs were aching, my throat was raw and I felt just terrible. I guess I will stay away from coffee for good now! :rolleyes:
    We headed back to the BWV and went swimming for awhile. Well, I did. Dh sat at the bar and watched the Michigan football game for awhile.
    After a short break, we headed over to AK to see the Jammin Jungle Parade. We stopped for a bite to eat at Pizzafari first. I had the Chicken Caeser salad (big enough to split) and dh had pizza. It was good and reasonably priced, especially with the AP discount. ;)
    The park was not busy, so we got a bench right outside Pizzafari to watch the parade. It started 10 minutes early because a storm was rolling in. It was a really fun parade. We loved it. :)

    We left AK at this point and headed over to the studios. The park was busy because it was the only night that week they were going to do Fantasmic due to storms. We rode ToT, RnRC and visited One Mans Dream. We also searched for Stitch, but could not find him.
    We got to Fantasmic about 7:30 and sat in Sebastian section.
    As always...the show was FABULOUS! And Stitch was on the boat at the end! Cool! :)
    After we left the studios, we headed to Beaches & Cream at the BC. We sat at the counter, no wait, and enjoyed our dinner. We each had a cheesburger and ice cream.
    After, we turned in for the night.
    And yes, I was still sick. :(

    Woke up sick, but starting to fight it off a bit. Hey, I am at WDW....I am not sick. :rolleyes:
    Had PS at Boma. This was our first time for breakfast there, we usually do dinner. It was great. The cinnamon rolls were fabulous and the selection of foods was great.
    After BOMA, we headed to the TTC to go to MK. We got into MK and headed to DH's favorite ride....Jungle Cruise :rolleyes:
    No line, and fun as usual. We then rode Aladdin's MC. 5 minute wait. Then off to HM, no wait. It was so hot, we could not believe how many babies we saw, red faced and crying. JMHO, but shouldn't they be inside?? :mad:
    We walked through FL and saw MAJOR crowds. 45 minute wait for Peter Pan, 60 minutes for Pooh. Crazy.
    We went to SM and got on in 20 minutes, not too bad.
    At this point, we were so hot and I was worn out. We shopped a bit on Main Street and headed out about 12:30pm.
    We went over to Disney Quest and it was SWAMPED!! We played our favorite video game...Centipede for about an hour and then went back to the BW to go swimming.
    After an afternoon of swimming and resting, we met some Dis friends (Hygiene 99, Jenn & Peter and their niece Brittany) for dinner at Artist Point. Beautiful restaraunt and great service from Scott. Dinner was good. Dh shared the Halibut appetizer (awesome) I had the Pork (good) and dh had the buffalo (he loved it). For dessert I had the cobbler (awesome) and dh had the Chai Tea cheescake (good). We had wine with dinner and really enjoyed it.
    After dinner, the 5 of us went over to the POLY to watch the EWP and FIS. Great as usual!!
    When we left there, dh and I went to DTD to shop a bit. BUSY BUSY BUSY! :)
    We got back to BWV about 11:30 and went swimming for a bit before we turned in for the night.

    Our last day. :( :( :(
    Still feeling a bit under the weather, and dh is now sick too. Sorry honey. ;)
    We had PS at Spoodles for breakfast. It was great!!! I had hot tea :p and the Morrocan Pancakes. yummy.
    Dh had the Morrocan platter and loved it. This was a great breakfast and very reasonable!! We recommend it.
    After breakfast, we went back to pack. We left our bags with the bell services and headed over to the studios....we were determined to find Stitch!! First we shopped and rode ToT, 10 minute wait.
    Then we asked a cm where we could find Stitch!!! Well, in the back of the Animation Courtyard you follow the blue footprints. If you enter the Animation Tour area and head to the left, you will see the set up! There is a backdrop, Elvis music playing, a surfboard, and you guessed it...LILO & STITCH!! We waited in line and had our picture taken. It was awesome!!! Stitch danced with us and even stole dh hat. They were great! :) :)
    We then left the studios and took the boat back to EPCOT. We went to WS and took time to do things we had never done at WDW. First we watched O Canada, the 360 degree movie. It was pretty cool, but no chairs.
    Then off to France to watch Impressions de France. This was a beautiful movie and it had!!!! :p
    We walked into Morroco next and we found Aladdin and Jasmine doing pictures! So we got a pic with both of them.
    Then on our way out we saw the Beast in France and got a pic with him!!!
    As we left EPCOT, we took a minute to just take it all in...till next time.

    We picked up our bags and headed to DTD on our way to the airport. We visited the new store, Once Upon a Toy. In one word...FANTASTIC!!! I don't want to give anything away, but you must go there...and take tons of cash. LOL!!:smooth:
    We also picked up some stuff at World of Disney before heading out.

    Driving to the airport was a breeze, as was the car return, NWA check in and security.
    The best part was that our flight left 10 minutes early and we got home 35 minutes early!
    Sad thing is..I am back at work....and still sick!:(

    Hope you liked our trip report. Overall, the weather was hot and humid, the crowds not too bad (except at MK) and the 100 years of magic celebration is fabulous!

    If you have any questions, please let me know!

    Have a Disney Day,
    Kamy :bounce: :Pinkbounc
  2. yepod

    yepod DIS Veteran

    Aug 18, 2001
    Thanks for the report, Kamy!

    Hope to see you on the 14th in Novi for more details & PLEASE bring your pictures;)

    Thanks for sharing & hope you feel better soon!
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  4. kamgen

    kamgen DIS Veteran

    Aug 3, 2000
    Wish we could make it to Novi. We are going up to Traverse City that weekend! Sorry!
    I will post some pics as soon as we get them developed!

    Have fun!

  5. jimmiej

    jimmiej I invented the Naked Segway Tour

    Jan 12, 2000
    DW & I went by ourselves trip before last. Your trip report brought back those great memories. I enjoyed reading it.
  6. Muffy

    Muffy <font color=red>Oh how I wish I lived in Florida!<

    Oct 3, 1999
    Thanks for the great trip report. I really enjoyed it!
  7. mrsapalm

    mrsapalm <font color=FF0099>WDWWDS COO & Senior Exec. VP<fo

    May 10, 2002
    We were there too (29 Aug - 04 Sept)! I was appalled at all the wee ones that adults were lugging around. It was waayyy too hot to have INFANTS in those parks this weekend. I felt sorry for those kinderfolk - they must've been miserable.
  8. Krissalee

    Krissalee DIS Veteran

    Feb 3, 2001
    Thanks for sharing! Great reports!

    Hope you are feeling better! :)

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