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    I am planning my trip to Disneyland in September and we are planning to take a day to maybe head to the beach, and see some sights in LA. Where do you recommend to see the Hollywood Sign? What beach would you recommend (Party of all Adults)? Is there any tours that you could recommend that may pick us up at Paradise Pier Resort as we will not have a rental?

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    For the Hollywood Sign (which is on private property) you can go to the Griffith Observatory (a fun trip in itself) or visit the Hollywood & Highland shopping center (which has a photo op for the sign on an upper level). If you choose H&H, the Dolby Theater (home of the Oscar Ceremony) is there, Walk of Fame is out front, Chinese Theater is next door, Disney's El Capitan is across the street, Jimmy Kimmel tapes across the street, etc. Parking is validated -- ask at any shop or restaurant.
    Do you want a beach near/nearish DLR? Look into Huntington, Newport, and Laguna.
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    Starline is a reputable company - there is one that covers beaches
    Anaheim Tour Co. offers a good tour to Hollywood - you'll see the Hollywood sights but not the beach.
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    I normalky wouldn't recommend trying to make a trek all the way to the Hollywood sign (you cannot make it all the way up to it anyways) because the roads are windy and not great to navigate. Best bet is to go to the Observatory like some people have said. If I may make a suggestion for other sightseeing, I would head up to Dodger Stadium to get a great view of the LA skyline. I don't know of a whole lot of places that you wouldn't have to spend a couple of hours at. I don't sightsee here. I just go to places and spend time. My two recommendations for food are not fancy LA dining, but great resaurants that are very popular. Phillipe the Original is one of my favorite places to eat, plus, there are 3 great sights right by there: Olvera Street, Union Station and Chinatown. It is very close to Dodger Stadium so you can head there right after. Another is Andres, which is across the street from the Grove/Farmers' Market. Great Italian food there and then you can go shopping at the grove right after. Hope this helps. Prepare for traffic.
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    Griffith Observatory all the way. I had to park and hike up a hill a good way when I went, but the reward was a great view of nature on the way.

    Not only do you get a view of the Hollywood sign, there's also a fantastic overlook of Los Angeles as well.

    We ended up doing the entire walk of Fame (and dodging weirdos and junk hawkers) and also the Museum of Death.

    I ended up going to Santa Monica beach because it was close and my sister wanted to check out a shop at the Third St Promenade. (Also saw Dee Snider in passing which made the metalhead kid in me beyond thrilled. I didn't bother him, but it was cool to just see him.)

    I didn't do the tours, so I can't help you there. I got a rental because it was cheaper than an Uber and I could have flexibility.

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