Kudos to target.com!

Discussion in 'Budget Board' started by iNTeNSeBLue98, Apr 18, 2006.

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    Jun 6, 2000
    I had two $5 e-gift cards for Target from OTX Research (online surveys) that I had redeemed in February and April. There was a problem with the updated balance when I redeemed the newest code so I emailed Target late last week. Two emails and a day later they found the problem with my account (I had two accounts using the same email but different paswords :confused3 )They issued a new $5 promo number to replace my missing $5 credit from February. :woohoo:

    Yesterday I took a vacation day and decided to go shopping so I could use the $10 before I lost it again. I also had a $10 Target gift card that I was planning to take along to WDW, in case I needed to go shopping (but I don't plan on going off-site except to the other Orlando theme parks), so I decided I would add that against my purchase as well.

    I need new luggage for our trip in July and I came across a 5pc set on clearance for $44.99 (reg. 89.99) that also offered free shipping. :banana: I placed my order before lunchtime, totaling less than $30, and by evening I had an email that my order had shipped. :thumbsup2 I checked shipment tracking earlier today, still expecting my package to arrive later this week, and noted it was at a facility about an hour away.

    DD called me at work when she got home from school - "there's a huge box at the door". "That's our luggage!", I replied. :yay: I'm ready to start packing for June 10th-June 17th! :cool1:

    Holy Moley that was fast. Mind you, it's coming from within the state, probably less than 2 hours away, but still shocking.

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