Know of where to get any Las Vegas discounts?

Discussion in 'Las Vegas' started by Feistygirl916, Aug 7, 2009.

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    Sep 11, 2007
    Hey all!We just booked a quick trip to Vegas and were hoping to find some discount tickets/coupons/passes for anything happening there... It is my friend and I who are going, and we have never been before! We are having a nice weekend trip the last part of August and no kids! Woo hoo!:goodvibes Looking into all the rides, since we are adrenaline junkies! :thumbsup2 Adventuredome, Manhattan Express, Speed, and for sure the Stratosphere rides! Any have any ideas for discounts? TIA!:wizard:
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    When you get to Vegas, look around for the informational magzines/booklets that many of the hotels have available. They often include discount coupons for attractions, plus they give you listings of all the entertainment happening while you're there.

    Also, check websites like and for discounts on select shows. They've had some Cirque offers lately at travelzoo.
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    Also on most taxis they have books and they contain coupons for shows and other things to do in there and as mentioned hotels also have them.
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    I am attaching a site where they have pretty decent coupons. We always use the $5 discount for spice market at Planet Hollywood - it truly is a great meal and a nice discount. THere are other points of interest coupons which are good deals as well.

    My family of 5 and I are going for a short bit after our week in Newport Beach in December and we are pincing every penny to make sure we can live it up on vacation.

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