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  1. Aprilimgoing

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    Feb 27, 2002
    Day 2 part two,
    Weather Cloudy, a little sun and a 50% chance of rain and storms

    Quick recap: been up since 4:30, changed rooms, upset locals,

    Got on the bus to epcot at 10:30. The lady who drove us their told us that post sept 11th wdw had so few guests that in the Dolphin and swan they only had 48 guests for about 3 weeks.!!!! Arrive at about 11:20; first things first get a fast pass for Test Track. First pass available at 2:40-3:40. Have something to eat in the umbrella place thingy and head off towards Honey I shrunk the Kids. Brilliant, Amanda loved this. However it meant that from now on every ride we went on she had to do a pre-ride check for things that can touch you or squirt water at you. Walked straight in, the park was empty, is amazing the only ride that was busy was Test Track, and we had our fast pass for that so we were sorted. Popped into Innovations as we thought we could send some e-mails, but you could only send photos, which I thought was odd, I really thought they would have some facility to send e-mails. No go so headed towards world showcase, which opened at 12:00. Spent a few hours strolling around looking in the shops, stopped for a coffee and a Danish is the Norway themed café place. They had a little difficulty with things coming in two’s there.
    “Two coffees please and two apple Danish”
    Were handed one coffee and one Danish
    “No TWO coffees and TWO Danish please”
    Were handed two coffees and two Danish, so now we had Three Coffees and Three Danish.
    “No I just want TWO coffees and TWO Danish”
    After a few minutes of hurdy gurdy Swedish chef type speak we left with out two coffees and two Danish pastries. As we sat outside the heavens opened and the rains came, and came and came. We ran across to the little stand that was handing out the Yellow Banana coats, two please, sense of impending doom as girl serving looked at me, Oh I do hope she knows what two means.
    “Sorry we have sold out”
    So wet we got, went to where the Body Wars simulation ride was and bought two in there, did ride and popped over to the living seas, which appears to have changed since I was last their. I am sure; you travelled around in little cars through the aquarium thingy.
    By now it was time to go on Test Track, which I was really looking forward to as Simon (him with the camera) had told me it was very good. However when we got their it was closed due to the bad weather and they did not know when it would be running again. So we decided to leave. Got our little bus home, once again driven by the immigrations officers brother, who’s little tit bit for the journey home was that on the verges in WDW you can see Armadillos’, I made it my mission to try and spot one but did not see any, would keep an eye out tomorrow, anyway we were dropped off back at hotel room. Remembered that we had changed rooms, showered and decided to go to Bennigans a quick walk across the road for Dinner, a recommend from Simon the Britt’s Guide Guy (we are not worthy) It was very good, Amanda had chicken melt, fries and Broccoli and I had Chicken Teriyaki with baked potato and baked apple with cinnamon. The service was excellent and the food very good. Can give this an A1 recommend. Good value too, $22.30 for the two of us. While we were their, the waiter said they were short on ice and someone had gone out to get some, Ah Ah I thought that’s who was getting the ice last night, and that’s why they needed so much!
    Went to the supermarket on the way home to get some Coke. Amanda complained (how dare she that’s my job) that I looked too touristy as I was checking my change in the car park with my purse open.
    Back in the hotel room, into bed on with the TV.
    “This bed’s not as comfortable as the last one,” I innocently said
    “Well I’m not moving again,” said a voice from the bathroom.

    Off to sleep.

    Score Amanda 2 (penknife & passport)
    Tanya 2 (credit card & complaining) oh though I don’t think complaining really deserves a whole point but fairs fair.
    I was disappointed with Epcot I think imho that it has become a little stale, don’t think I would do it again, and in hindsight wish we had done Mgm or AK. Never mind

    Tomorrow Driving to Universal and have become fluent in American speak
  2. Hilary

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    Feb 10, 2000
    If you've got any spare Danish pastries, pass them over here!
  3. SpottyDog

    SpottyDog Guest

    I've seen the Armadillos at WDW!

    Like yer style Tanya, off to chuckle another one.
  4. Mowgli

    Mowgli Earning My Ears

    Jan 6, 2000
    Really enjoying your trip reports, Tanya. Well done.
    Wondering if we should start a "book" on the number of points each of you ends up with!!??
    Come on admit it - you are enjoying it all, really!!
    Do you remember - where's Wally? - just like your immigration bloke - him or his turning up everywhere!
    Looking forward to the next episode.....
  5. Janice

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    Aug 18, 1999
    Another entertaining read - pity about Test track though! :(

    I was also thinking its a bit like Where's Wally LOL

    Of to read next instalment :D

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