Just tried on some Teva's....


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Nov 10, 1999
be careful if you normally wear half sizes--the larger size may fit you strangely. I was excited to try these on after hearing so much about them--but I don't think they are going to work for my foot!

uh-oh, I just ordered a half size up - well we'll wait and see.
Ditto on the uh-oh! I just ordered 2 pairs! But, when I ordered 1/2 size with Easy Spirit, I was somewhat disappointed about how tight they seemed. Hoping to break them in, soon! Now I'll be hoping Teva is true to their word!

Happy traveling! :D
*sigh* I need a pair of comfortable sandals - I hate sneakers! But, I do have a pair of new balance sneakers that don't give me blisters, so I may have to wear them. I have really narrow feet, and it seems all the comfy sandals are made for wider feet. My feet swim in tevas! And I can't do birkenstocks because... well, I just don't like the way they look. Anyone have any other suggestions that are good for narrow feet?


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Have you tryed SASS shoes they are sold in the same shoe stores in the mall that sell Teva's??

And there is a major Brand thats sold at Kmart the is really narrow and they stock every design of shoe.

When you get the sandles,
open all the vecro straps,including the heal.

1. Now place your arch over the shoes arch. THEN,adjust the ankle strap[don't worry about the amount of velro showing thats the design feature of getting the correct fit]making sure you have flexed your toes as far as possible toward your knee,and the strap is comfortable,not pinching or too tight.

2.Adjust the Heel.This is the KEY to the sandles fit[and where the half size comes into play!] You want it to cup your heel live this < While still keeping your arch fitted correctly.

3.Look at your toes are they in the foot bed comfortably. If they are to close to the front edge you have over tighten the heel too much! If your toes are too far from the front edge,the you will need to tighten the heel. [don't fret about there being a lot of foot bed, when you get to walking you will notice that the sandle follows your foot]

4.NOW walk. You will feel where you need adjustments. Don't be scared to start all over,again. It took 3 trys to get mine adjusted.
5. Here is the BEUATY in the design. Say you woke up this mornging with swollen feet.[a probability after a day in MK!!] You just loose the tight strap!! say afer waking around you notice that your feet are back to normal,you just retight the straps!!

6.Any area that is rubbing you the wrong way can be made to fit better!! something you can't say about regular shoes,if the toes pinch you are out of luck!

What I loved about my Teva Sandles was wearing them home on the plane! My feet could swell and I was never uncomfortable because I could loosen the staps as far as was needed!!! :cool: :cool:

happy feet,happy walking=Happy Trip!!

Have you tried Chacos? They're more $$ than Tevas, but they fit my feet better. OH, but you said you had a narrow foot. You might do a search on their website for a dealer near you.

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