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    Nov 12, 2005
    this is how someone set me up an internet acount(with out telling me) and it was truly magic.

    i've been wanting the acount for ages

    so yesterday.

    there i was in the computer room thinking to myself...okay. i've checked out the dis the T of p and the eminem board what should i do now.

    i had the idea to have a look at the stories just in on ff.net. so there i wsas...browsing away and i got reading some really cool stories.

    eventually i came across a story that i loved so i thort you know what? i'm going to make an acount and review that.

    so back to the home page i went and clicked register.

    so i filled out the form with my password and that and then hit submit. this message flashed up (i've already got an acount) and i thort...hey? what's going

    so eventually i decided to check out if it was true and clicked forgot password.

    sure enough an email was sent to me. it seemed someone had signed me up with out knowing because i had never remembered entering that username and password
    in to the form.

    so there you go. that's how i got signed up to fan fiction.

    thanks who ever you are!
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    Jan 14, 2003
    That is so nice of someone doing that for you :goodvibes

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