Just got back. Some observations....


Sep 21, 1999
Just back from a 1 day trip at IOA (saturday) and thought I would post some observations.

First, the park is really starting to get crowded. I was there 3 weeks ago on a Saturday and it wasn't nearly as crowded. Wait time at Spidey(11am) was 45 minutes. Hulk was 30. The water rides weren't too bad of a wait until about 2pm. Spidey got up to a 75 minute wait. JPRA got up to 60min. CITH was up to 30min by midday.

Next, the Spiderman effect where the levitation gun hits the Statue of Liberty head and it rises was working. This was the first time I have ever seen it work. I was able to get 5 rides in throughout the day (2 when the park opened and 3 on express program. Average wait 0-5 minutes.

Also, people were sprinting to the Hulk and Spidey when the Super Hero Island was opened. Most people headed to the Hulk. I just walked quickly. By the time I got to the ride, the people that sprinted were long gone into the ride. I really don't see the point in running to the ride. The wait time was 0 and I went back around for another 0 wait time ride after I got off. DD were 10min all day.

I ate at Circus McGurkus cafe. Over $6.00 for spaghetti and marinara sauce with a breadstick. The breadstick was as hard as a brick and that was at 11:20am(it opens at 11:00). No excuse. The serving size was not enough to fill up a 5 year old. It probably would've cost an extra .15 to give me a decent helping. After all, it's just pasta. I have had better meals at this same cafe, though.

Overall, it was a really fun day in a beautiful park. Can't beat that!
Thanks for the info! I notice a lot of people sprint to Hulk and Spider-Man too. I do the spring to Spider-Man too, but it may be good to hold off or hit Fearfall first. The line kind of gets long after the first sprint and dies down a bit after 10 minutes.


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