just back POP and AKL


Feb 20, 2002
We just returned form a great trip to WDW!! We stayed at POP for the first 6 nights and were every pleased. We were in the 80's section, fairly short walk to everything. I would stay there again without hesitation!

We switched over to AKL for the last 4 nights. While we enjoyed our time here I didn't feel it lived up to the hype. We had a savannah view room (3271) and saw a total of 2 giraffes the first day and never saw anymore from our room. We did see a few birds and horned cows occasionally. From our room you could see very little of the savannah, one side was partially blocked by a stairwell and we were across from other rooms. I asked about the possiblity of switching rooms and received a very short "the room you have is savannah view, I don't know what else you want."

We enjoyed the hotel but had to go outside of our room to see the animals-felt like I wasted money on the savannah view.


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Feb 27, 2003
AKL is exactly where I want to stay on my next splurge vacation to WDW - but one thing I have definately learned from these boards is to book standard and see the animals in the common areas. They may even upgrade you as the resort is usually below capacity. You have once again proven this to be a good practice.

We will be staying at PoP our next trip and I am excited for the sheer newness of it all. (well, that and I really want to try out those PoP jets).


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