Just back - info re: fridge at ASMov


Caffeinated Insomniac
Mar 27, 2001

I just wanted to share something with you all - my mom and I just went down to WDW and stayed at the All Star Movies - when we checked in we requested a refridgerator for my mother's insulin -fully expecting to have to pay for it - but the girl said that there was no charge for the fridge if it is required for medical reasons.

That's good.
People have been posting for about the past 18 months that they have been charged for refrigerators even for medicine. One family was even told that if they didn't want to pay for a refrigerator, they could keep their DD's insulin behind the desk! I hope your experience shows that WDW is becoming more reasonable.
I think what may have helped is that I had CRO put on my reservation what my mom's health problems are - and I had also sent a fax with the same info on it. Don't know if it made any difference or if I just hit it lucky with a great CM.

Also as an FYI - mom spotted on one of the hotel information sheets that they offer a sharps container for used needles - she called once we were in our room and it was delivered within 15mins. Free of charge!

I think you were just lucky. I have heard from people who had it noted on their reservation and some even went thru Special Reservations and were not able to get the fee waived.
If you were in a wheelchair accessible room at AS, I have read (but don't know for sure) that they come equipped with a refrigerator. Someone had posted asking for those rooms at check in as a way to get a "free" frig.
The handi rooms at the AS Movies (I was in one of the Mighty Ducks buildings) come with a fridge. It is inside the cabinet that holds the TV. It was on another website which shall remain nameless about people discovering this and asking for these rooms as a way to get a free fridge. I just could not believe when I saw that but then again people still think that wheelchair users go to the front of the line no matter how we try to educate them. (Ok I'm off the soapbox now. Sorry about that rant.)

I would assume that all the Handi rooms have this fridge at least at the AS. It is not very big but will work great for insulin.
Thanks, Tammy. That's what I thought.
And, I'm on the same soapbox with you! That's how I ended up spending so much time on the DIS. Someone had to dispell all those falsehoods about wheelchair users.

My mother is the associate director here for our local United Cerebral Palsy and we both have been involved with them for almost 15 yrs - I hate hearing about people blantly abusing the system. It gets my ire up. :mad:

I felt so bad for my mother - the last day of our trip she was really having a hard time breathing (I think the humidity really kicked her asthma in)- we had just gotten through security at the MK and walked up to entrance gates- she was huffing and puffing so bad she almost couldn't make it up the little hill. I finally convinced her to rent a wheelchair and let me push her - you can't enjoy the parks if you have to stop all the time to catch your breath. I think its going to be something we really plan on for next time - I think if she had done this a day or two earlier her breathing wouldn't have been as bad.

I discovered a whole new wave of rude people. I almost hit more people (not children mind you) that cut in front of us - needed air brakes! I think children are the most observant when it comes to the chairs - they make extra room. The cast members are all very supportive and quick to assist but I think they need to remember to talk to the person in the chair not the one pushing it. I only had one really obnoxious woman say something about mom (we were at the haunted mansion and they have that great little side door so you don't have to the weaving in and out line - keep in mind there were NO wait times when we were there) - this woman had a comment about "how come she can use the handicap entrance she can walk" -meanwhile mom sounds like a whistling tea kettle with every breath and holding on to me because she's weak in the knees - anyway I was giving this woman the annoyed raised eyebrow look when the CM turns to her and said something softly to her that I didn't catch and this woman shut right up and turned around and didn't look at us the entire time we were in there!! :D
Thank you for letting us know that Disney now does not charge for refrigerators for people who need it for medical reasons. My sister has meds that need refrigerated. She has traveled & has not had a problem getting a refrigerator without charge except for Disney - maybe they have gotten the message.

As for pushing a wheelchair or driving an ECV (or other powered chair), I find children are THE most observant - perhaps because their line of sight is lower & they see us. Other people try to out run the vehicle & then look or say something because I couldn't stop without hitting them.
I still wouldn't plan on getting it without charge anyplace except AS in the wheelchair accessible rooms and in the DVC villas where the refrigerator is part of the room. I would certainly ask and if they say no, ask to talk to a supervisor to plead your case.
There have been lots of people staying at various resorts who reported they were told it didn't matter what type of medication they had, there was still a charge. This has been pretty consistent over the last 18 months to 2 years.


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