Just Back from the Magic 1/12/02 trip. Any ??s


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Feb 4, 2000
Arrived home at 1 am today. It was a great trip, and I already miss it. Highlights: Brunch and dinner at Palos with Zita as server. She is every bit as good as everyone has posted. You must do the brunch--the food is suberb, and so plentiful. The rainforest pass was excellent. More relaxing to me than the cabana massage. Loved the sail away from St Martin--seeing all the other ships leaving, and the horn competition--nothing beats the Magic "When you Wish upon a Star". I only met one fellow DISer (Hi, Becca, sorry I didn't see more of you). Any questions--happy to help, you all made my trip great.
Sounds like you had fun. Here are some questions -
- How was the weather?
- Did you use the nursery?
- Was Castaway Cay cold (the weather/water)?

Thank you!
Movies on board: Emporer's New Groove; Monsters Inc., Tomb Raider, Legally Blonde, The Royal Tennabaums. On Friday, we finally got to see Snow Dogs--we were supposed to see it Tuesday, but the ship's copy was incomplete, and it wasn't until Castaway Cay that they were able to good copy.

The weather was great. Saturday was cool by FL standards: I was wearing jeans and a short sleeve shirt, and got a little chilly as the sun went down and the ship was moving. The rest of the week was shorts weather. Warm enough for swimming although my DD thought the Goofy pool was a little too cool. St Martin and St Thomas were both in the upper 70s low 80's with the 70% humidity felt a warmer, but not uncomfortable. We had a brief shower on Wednesday as we were leaving St Thomas, but it was over quickly. Castaway Cay day was perfect, very few clouds in the sky. Temp was about 78, but it felt great, definitely warm, but the breeze was terrific. At first entry, the water was cold, but I quickly got used to it. Then as we headed back to Port, on our veranda we could feel the difference in the air--much more chilly.

I didn't use the nursery. DD is 9 so she went to Oceaners Lab quite a bit.
Hey NC! I had to laugh to see not only my name, but that someone else was obssessed enough to get right back on the boards as soon as we got home! I haven't even unpacked yet! What a great trip.


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