just back from bwv


Earning My Ears
Aug 1, 2000
this may be a little long but i just got back from the most perfect vacation ever.

first trip as dvc members. lucked out. got the room i wanted. smoking and boardwalk view. a little loud on friday and saturday nights with the dj at atlantic dance hall but was so exhausted had no problem fallin asleep. weather was perfect. crowds were minimal. except magic kingdom which i think is always crowded. boat to mgm was a little slow. seemed like it took forever but other than that the trip seemed absolutely perfect. anybody with questions, feel free to ask. i'm sure i could tell you another 100 things.

my only question to anyone who was there recently is what are they building at mgm right in front of the great movie ride. never asked anyone but curious.

very sad to be back. but planning next year's trip already. again, as my first dvc trip i couldn't ask for anything to be better.
Glad you had such a great trip. I believe they are building an icon with sorceror's hat for the celebration that starts in Oct. I heard about this on the rumors board a few weeks ago as I posted a question concerning the celebration festivities planned for Walt's 100th birthday. So, what did it look like? Notice anything else different? How about the Boardwalk View refurbishments? How's that going?
well it was surround of course by walls but it was just this large circle thing that looked like something from outer space. just weird looking and couldn't figure it out. also aladdin ride was not open yet and they're doing construction at dinoland in animal kingdom. other than that that was all the construction i saw other than bcv. they seem to moving rapidly.

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