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Aug 4, 2001
Just home from our "Magical " cruise. We had a wonderful time from start to finish. No troubles at all. We sailed with 3 households (related through me) with 4 cabins. We had the adjoining secret porthole rooms 5522 & 5524. Definately 5522 had the better view as it was not really obstructed but did have a 'landing' of a sort. If you're looking for a price break but want light in your cabin - book this one. DH didn't have trouble sleeping at all so when I asked him if he noticed sounds from across the hall he did not. Be aware there is a door across from 5522 which opens up to where they load/unload the luggage and the Hostess/Host get their things from. You do spend enough time in your cabin to need to be comfortable. I honestly loved this cabin but some might be very critical of it.

Our servers were top notch. Gonzalo, Roger & Carmen made our dining experience above excellent. SIL has Celiac Disease and cannot eat wheat or gluten products. Little did we know she refuses to eat chicken, fish, steak, etc. They had their work cut out for them. They did great because they cooked her pasta every nite with fresh rolls - wheat free, gluten free! Needless to say, we tipped over the required amount.

Of our traveling party we saw all the shows, except for Morty the Magnificent. They were great. The ventriliquist acts were hysterical. FIL had tears in his eyes many times.

Host was Livingstone. So shy and polite but did a great job with the animals. He always smiled!

This time I brought my TUMS and I only had to use them once. I will miss waking up to the buffet - I will miss the cheese danish. I had the same thing everyday and was sad to get off the ship today. Portions are excellent - pleasantly filled with classy-arranged plates. Desserts were great - can't pick a favorite.

This is probably the trip report because it's so hard to write anything down and make sense of it. To everyone counting down - whether or not it's your first or 15th - have a great time. Do us a favor though - treat others as you would like to be treated. I think people expect more than they deserve - DCL provides FAR above but I felt sometimes that even people traveling in our party thought they deserved more. I give credit to the cast/crew members. They were so pleasant even when faced with the most difficult situations. Pictures & Food were biggies.

Kim & Norman
Only 50 more days and room 5522 is all ours! Glad to hear its a good choice!

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Can't wait...:bounce:
Sounds like you had a wonderful time. The servers are always top-notch! Was there anything special done for Valetine's Day? decorations? parties? Inquiring minds want to know :)
Glad you had a good time! We were onboard the Wonder while you were on the Magic. I sure am missing it...:earsboy:
Glad to hear you had a good time. My question is this: how did you notify DCL of the SIL with Celiac desease? I can not have wheat products which is a lot of food items served on the ship. I am gluten intolerant. Did your TA contact DCL or did you? Our cruise is March 16th so I think there is still time to contact Disney. Thankyou Kathy
Is the view from cabin 5524 really obstructed so you can't see anything ? We have that cabin for the August 17th cruise and really just want the porthole for "light" in the room. I is a nice added feature so we really don't care what the view is- just being curious. Was the rest of the cabin nice and did you hear noise from the adjoining cabin ? Thanks.
Hey everyone, sorry it took so long respoding, computer was down for a few days, here are some answers to those questions.

As for the views in 5522 and 5524 two4ruff and minnie's guy you all can go to our web site for our trip, it is www.photoisland.com, type in "nshabare" for the member and guest, and for the password type in "magic", there are about 165 pics, scroll thru them and you will see the views, one shot at the port, then there is one at sea for 5522, 5524 was a little more obstructed but it did let in some light. Hope this helps you guys...

Tecdavit, we notified our TA at the time of booking and kept reminding her, we also spoke to Disney directly, and then when you get on the ship, yo can go to guest services, and there was a special place to go to meet-up with the maitr'e d and set up your dinner plans, once they know your menu type they will accomadate every nite, it was funny, on the last night our server came over and gave our SIL the gluten free pasta they had been serving her all week, just like you would buy in the store, in the box and everything, hope that info helps.

Annie- as for the decorations for Valentines day, they did not do anything special that night, however the teens did have a party at the ESPN sky box... hope that answers some of the questions.

Any others?????

Norm for Kim and Family


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