Just back and saw some dreams, but none for our family

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    We did see people walking around with the dream fastpasses at MK. I actually saw what it looked like when a guy dropped it at the Polynesian and my ds picked it up. He gave it to a castmember. It was the end of the day and not good anymore anyway. I guess the guy could have kept it for a souvenier. We saw at Cosmic Rays, the Family of the Day. They got to sit at a table with a yellow plastic table cover on it. They were being served their food by castmembers and a castmember was also taking their picture. I didnt speak to them personally. Then at Mickeys Philharmagic they said the chosen family was starting the show for us by making music on instruments. My 2 teen ds whispered to me, if this is a dream, they can keep it. I dont know if the family was awarded anything else to go with that. A few times we did ask some castmembers if the dream team was around but they said they didnt know etc. I really think this whole dream thing is a hyped up marketing tool. I told my ds it might be an interesting report for one of his college business classes. Lots of hype, but little in the way of delivery as far as the number of guests are concerned etc. I sure hope no one goes with any high expectations. We were very happy just making our own magic as we do on all our trips.
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    Yeah, I agree, it is a marketing tool, but you get to see the joy of seeing other people win something. Just the joy in their faces is enough :goodvibes
    For me, just being at Disney itself is a dream come true :goodvibes . I, dh, dd, and ds can't afford to go to Disney, DD had and still has medical issues, which makes it financially hard to do Disney trips, DS is also special needs. We all should be thankful in general we can afford to go on the these kind of vacations and make our own wishes, dreams! :cloud9:

    Maybe you can do the mail-in YOAMD entries and see if you can win that way? Just a suggestion :)

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