Jungle Book II??


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Aug 28, 1999
This just from CNN.com:

"Next year, "The Jungle Book II" will hit theaters, with John Goodman as the voice of Baloo the Bear and Haley Joel Osment as Mowgli the "man-cub," with the story picking up immediately after the conclusion of the 1967 original.

Also in the works is a follow-up to 1941's "Dumbo," this time tracking the floppy-eared flying elephant as he befriends an ostrich, twin bears, a hippo and a zebra from the menagerie of his fellow circus animals. It's unclear whether "Dumbo II" will premiere on video or in theaters, Stainton said."

Now Jungle Book and Dumbo are going to recieve theater-released sequals too?!?

This is ridiculous. The Disney brand name can only take so much of this (low-budget animation) before the public's perception of the company changes for good.
Tasha was excited.
The theatre was packed for Peter Pan-Return to Neverland.
The movie was excellent, I thought the theatre would break out in applause at the end.
In fact I liked the (original story) sequel better than the original (story remake) which featured Tinkerbell turning on Peter Pan (as a traitor!!!), which always upset me.
I saw no poor animation, here (or in any other Disney production to date)

The fact is, Disney is now producing more new original stories than it used to when it simply remade classic stories (SW, Cin, LM, Mulan, Hurcules). Just because the stories are based on established characters and stories doesn't make them bad.
The Tigger Movie (new story based on established characters) was excellent as was Atlantis (100% original) and Tarzan (new treatment)
The only reason they didn't rock the boxoffice more was simply a matter of promotion/timing and the fickle public.
I can't wait to see the weekend results

1 (new) John Q - $6,004,000
2 (new) Crossroads - $5,113,000
3 (new) Peter Pan: Return to Neverland - $2,685,000
4 Collateral Damage - $2,215,000
5 Hart's War - $2,061,000
6 Big Fat Liar - $2,053,000
7 Super Troopers - $1,911,000
8 Beautiful Mind - $1,856,000
9 Black Hawk Down - $1,419,000
10 Count of Monte Cristo - $1,224,000
11 Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring - $1,138,000



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