Sep 29, 2000
Well, I thought we were going to go to WDW in June. Now my husband informs me that my son will miss 2 baseball games. He says we will have to wait until July 14th. I have never ever been in the summer time, but I've always heard of horror stories about it being SO crowded and SO hot. We have been on spring break, it was crowded, but we made it ok (getting up early,etc.). How bad is it? Can you beat the crowds? <IMG SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_confused.gif" alt="confused">
As long as you're not going on the 4th,you should be ok.Our first trip we went the week after the 4th and worked around the heat and crowds.We used EE or at the very least arrived earlier than the scheduled opening time.We also used mid-day breaks to escape the heat and stayed later in the evening.We had a wonderful vacation and never waited more than 20 minutes at the longest(in fact,our longest wait was for a bus back to the hotel).ENJOY!
Crowed? Yes, Hot? Yes. But that doesn't usually stop us. We went the middle of July last year, boy was it hot. But I like it that way, my sister on the other hand was melting, and my husband said he got used to it. The worse part for us was when my daughter got hurt and I had to carry her from the Chinese Theatre to the front of MGM to the first aid station (She's 5). She got hit in the mouth and bleed all over, but it was cool (temperature wise) at the hospital.



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