JULY 2020! CANCELLED ADR Thread - Guidelines in first post

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Jan 7, 2001
The Cancel Threads allow DIS'ers to post ADRs they are planning to cancel. At times, DIS'ers may be able to wait to cancel and offer to coordinate a time to release the ADR, other times the ADR must be cancelled in order to book a new ADR.

When posting a cancel, please indicate if it is cancelled or you are willing to coordinate via conversation, formerly PM. ALL coordination must be handled via Conversation/PM. If you have less than 10 posts you cannot offer to coordinate. Please post that you have cancelled or when you plan to. DO NOT attempt to coordinate with someone on the thread. If they do not have enough posts to have a conversation, they cannot coordinate/request the ADR

Never post I PMd you, makes me crazy :faint: and not within the thread guidelines

You must have 10 posts in order to PM. Do not post on the thread that you don't have enough posts to PM. Become an active DIS'er! :thumbsup2

Trade/Transfer/Wanted posts are not allowed.

Please follow the guidelines. ALL posts that are not cancel notices will be removed immediately, without notice. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in an infraction.

If you want to subscribe to this thread, please use the option in Thread Tools!

Thank you for your cooperation and happy planning!


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Nov 7, 2005
We've got a California Grill brunch reservation for 5 on July 12 at 12:35 that I'm going to cancel. I scanned the instructions at the top of the thread but soon lost interest in the details so respond if you want to try and coordinate this cancellation. Thanks


Jan 6, 2016
I have a 8pm cali grill for 2 available 7/4, pm to coordinate- gone
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