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    What exactly does value studio mean? I am thinking we will be looking at a parking lot. Are the DVC in Jambo on the top floors?

    It will be our first time staying at AKV and we are excited but with a few questions. What do they have for evening activity for the family? I think I have read about a story teller?
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    Value Studios are in Jambo and are on the 5th floor. They are "value" because they are smaller than the other studios there. You can have a savannah view, pool view or a view of the parking lot/vegetation.

    There is a firepit with a story teller, it is not a long program, so be sure you get there right when it's scheduled. There is also a "Cultural Safari" they have these in Kidani as well. Each night a CM presents a slide presentation and talk about his country.

    I've 2 stays scheduled for value studios, one in January over a weekend, and the other solo in June. I enjoy being at Jambo, and I like the bargain that the value studios are!

    I was with 3 other gals in a value 2 bedroom in September. I like everyone to have their own bed, otherwise you really could fit 1 or 2 more in it. We had a pool view. I had 2 other friends sharing a value studio next door. It was very nice.

    Have fun!

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    For Jambo House: The Value Studios were converted from Standard Hotel Rooms where the Standard & Savanna View Studios were converted from Deluxe Hotel Rooms. The Values are approx 3 feet shorter from the door to the balcony.

    All of the Jambo House villas are on the 5th and 6th floors. Those on the 6th floor are Concierge Level villas.

    Below is a link to the 5th floor villas at Jambo House. The Values are those along the Ostrich & Giraffe Trails.


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