It's the MMMM I got my TS $'s worth thread.

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by Cannot_Wait_4Disney, Feb 21, 2006.

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    Cannot_Wait_4Disney Ok all you A cattle, get in ...

    May 18, 2005

    I got a request in my in box, thought it might be worth a thread. I'll start it off.
    Note. I figure an adult credit sit down is worth about $27, and the snack and counter together about $11 together to get to the 38 bux price of the plan. For kid's I figure based upon those that bank credits, if they're not over $10 per credit you may as well bank em. If you do not intend to bank kid's credit, If they're over about $7 per credit, they got their money's worth.

    Name of restaurant: Spoodles
    Location. Boardwalk
    Meal 1.
    Appetizer. Garlic Shrimp. 10.29
    Meal. Oak fired NY Strip 28.49
    Add Shrimp 6.29
    Add Scallops 6.29
    Chocolate Apricot Pistacio cake 7.29
    Is it worth using DP. HECK YES!!! Total with Tax and Tip!!! $71.83 all for one credit.
    Probably about 75 bux if you add the softdrink in there.

    Meal 2.
    Appetizer. Mediteranean Dips. 8.29
    Meal Seafood Stew (sorry, no add ons allowed with this) $25.29
    Desert. Creme Brulet 7.29
    Is it worth using Dp. Yes!! $50.05 with Tax and tip!!!
    Meal 3.
    Appetizer. Garlic Shrimp 10.29
    Meal. Rigitone 16.79
    Add Shrimp 6.29
    Note the party did not add scallops due to an alergy.
    Desert Creme Brulet. 7.29
    Is it worth Using Dp. Yes. Total $ 40.87 with Tax and tip.
    Meal 4. (child)
    Appetizer Flatbread 5.49 Please note this has been added since we went. My son was allowed to order flatbread off the adult appetizer menu but no more.
    Meal. Grilled Beef Strip. 10.99
    Desert Make your own sunday. It's brought out on an artist's palate. 5.49
    Is it worth using DP Yes. Total of $26.91
    This would have definitely been a meal to use the kid's credit rather than bank it.

    Restrictions. No add ons for the kids. Add ons could be had with both pastas and the steak only. You can also add chicken to the alfredo.
    Note that this was some time ago and Disney may have tightened up on the add-ons. So don't go in expecting them. I wouldn't want to be the cause of a waitress getting screamed at because I led someone astray by being able to get them.

    Is it possible to share food. Yes. We could have dropped one of the entire adult meals and probably still been stuffed. And we went in extra hungry because we were at the water park all day. As it was, we rolled out of there.
    But if you wish to share, I suggest the dips rather than the shrimp as an appetizer.
    I didn't add the cost of the soft drinks in because to be honest, I forgot what the prices were. Probably about 2-3 bux including the tax and tip.

    Name of Restaurant.
    Location AKL
    Meal. Buffet 25.99
    Is it worth it on the DP. Yes. Obviously the price isn't quite what Spoodles was but the food is very good and you get all you want. Totally worth a credit in my mind.
    Total with Tax and tip. $31.83
    Sharing allowed? No. but kid's price is $13.80 including tax and tip and under 3 is free and they are not restricted to the kids items. Drinks are included.

    Name of restaurant.
    California Grill (2 credits) Note that the menu and prices change frequently with market conditions.
    Meal #1..
    Appetizer: Snake in the Grass Sushi 22.00
    Meal Veal Tournedos (rotated off menu at the moment)
    Desert. Blueberry Torte 10.00
    Drink. Bottled water 7.00 Yup. Don't choke. It was 7 bux.
    Worth the plan? Yes. $90.63 when all was said and done.
    Meal #2.
    Appetizer Tuna 3 ways sushi 20.00
    Meal. Salmon 25.00
    Desert. Blueberry Torte 10.00
    Drink Softdrink 3.00
    Worth the plan. $71.03 No. Price wise it was but as far as actual value, no. It was ok, but really not worthy of being called a signiture meal. It had to be sent back the first time. The next one we got was acceptable but imo not up to par with the rest of what we got. But I gave up some of my tournedos and my son gave up some of his steak and we helped eat the salmon.
    With so many other places in the world offering good salmon and this one not being appreciably better at it, do yourself a favor. It it's on the menu here, skip it.
    Meal 3:
    Appetizer. California Roll 17.00
    Meal Pork Tenderloin 24.00
    Desert Chocolate Lava 10.00
    Drink Softdrink 3.00
    Worth it on the DP. Oh yes. Total of $66.14 on the plan. It was delicious. Almost as good as the veal which was spectacular.
    Meal 4. (child)
    Appetizer: None. None allowed on kids meal, which led to the California Rolls being ordered rather than a raw fish sushi so my son could have some.
    Meal. Grilled Beef Tournedos 11.00
    Desert. Kid's sushi. 3.00
    Drink Milk. 2.25
    Worth it on the DP. First off, his beef was very good. We gave much of it to mom and he decided plain ole salmon was good enough given mom's dismay at her meal. So in that regard it was worth it. And it is $19.90 with Tax and tip which barely measures up to getting full value out what would be paid for the credits. But my advice is to pay this out of pocket or sharing off of mommy and daddy's plates and bank the credits to be used later for something else. Example. A family of four with 2 kids can bank the 4 credits they would otherwise use. That's an extra meal at Chef Mickey's or wherever else you might want to use it.

    Speaking of Chef Mickey's.
    Chef Mickey's Dinner.
    27.99 Buffet. Drink and desert included.
    Total with Tax and tip $34.28 adults, $15.91 kids
    Worth it? You bet. A great character meal and a great experience totally worth a credit. The Ham and the Prime Rib were excellent. If they're down to the tail end of the Prime Rib, just wait for the next one. The carver didn't have the experience to know you don't serve that fatty end of the roast. Other than that, two thumbs up.
    No Sharing allowed.

    Meal CRT lunch. (2 credits) I did it at the old prices but I'll write it up at the new)
    Preplated appetizers, limited selection of entrees. I had major Domo's pie, the wife had Salmon Son had Minor Domos and got his own appetizers. The DM had Major Domos. I'm not sure if the menu's changed or not to be honest.

    Is it worth it on the DP? No No, 1,000 times no. At new menu price, this is $40.42 for adults and $28.16 for kids including the tax and tip. The kid's price reaches the threshold for being worth 2 credits for what you pay at kids prices, but The problem it's not worth $28 bux. the Adults falls over $10 short of being worth the credits and in addition, it's not worth $40 bux. No way this is worth two. There is the picture package worth 30 bux but if you figure the prices increased about 15 a pop over the old prices, a family of two is just about paying for the picture but a family of 4 is paying $30 over the price of the picture. So add this 30 in, plus the fact you're $20 short of being worth two credits for the adults, and you're 50 in the hole, less 20 (the kid's got their value out) and you're 30 in the hole in getting value for your credits for a family of 2 adlults and 2 kids.
    It was well worth 1 credit at the old prices. I can't see it being worth 2 when all you get for the extra credit is a picture package.

    Ok I'm hungry now so I'm going to eat dinner first, then post some others.
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    May 1, 2005
    I thought I would contribute if I may. I realized that the receipts on DP just read zero, but we always wrote down the total. Also I had printed menus of the places we had ADR's from allearsnet and will use those as a reference. We travelled Oct. 2005

    Chicken Bastilla 5.95
    Night in Casablanca 24.95
    Moraccan Symphony 4.95
    Soda approx 2.00

    grand totoal food and tax 40.30 then add tip

    We both ate similar menu so Over $90 more than covered the cost of the plan for the whole day. I did not care for the food here, my DS family loved it. I liked the atmosphere though. Good value, I will not return, just not my thing. I love CS in Morroco though.

    Le Cellier
    Dinner 1 Adult
    Sprite 2.00
    Cheese soup 4.99
    7oz fillet 26.99
    Choc Whiskey Cake 7.99


    Diner 2 Adult
    Iced Tea 2.00
    PEI Mussles appetizer don't know cost (guess around 8+)
    Prime Rib 21.99
    maple creme brulee 5.99

    total 37.98

    Diner 3 Child
    No childrens appetizer allowe adult
    Shrimp Cocktail 9.99 (shared with table)
    Kids Grilled Chicken Meal 6.99
    Kids Choc Mousse 3.99

    total 20.97

    grand total with tax 107.53 +add tip

    Great value for the plan including usein a kid credit, plus DS ate a healthier meal with grilled meat and veggies. We enjoyed all our food it was really good.
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  4. PoohHappens

    PoohHappens DIS Veteran

    May 1, 2005
    Sorry if anyone read my above post before I took the additional stuff about DDE off, I realized I forgot to take off the 20% for the DDE--if you did not read it never mind
  5. PoohHappens

    PoohHappens DIS Veteran

    May 1, 2005
    Here are two more

    Sci FI
    We shared a meal
    Choc shake don't know price ?5.00
    Spin/art dip 6.19
    Rib Plate 16.99
    Hot Fudge Sunday 5.19

    total 35.53 with tax +add tip

    Great value we shared and used 1 credit. We were not that hungry and then we had a credit to use later.


    Dinner 1 Adult
    Wings 6.99
    Filet 24.99
    Shrimp add on don't know cost
    Kilahuea torte 5.99
    alamode don't know if that was extra
    diet coke 2.00

    total 39.97 plus extras

    Dinner 2
    Crab Cakes 9.99
    Filet 24.99
    shrimpadd on ?
    Kileau tort 5.99
    pina colada smoothie as beverage ? they offered these as an option for a drink I don't remember the cost $4 is kid cost

    total 44.97+ add on

    Dinner 3 child
    Ceaser Salad 4.99 (no child app and they offered adult, gave to my DM who was sharing her meal with her DH)
    Kid chicken strip 5.49
    kid smoothie as beverage 4.00
    kiddie cone 5.99

    total 20.47
    gand total 105.41

    We wrote 143.71 on the receipt so that would include tax and the add ons, it may also include tip as we were with a bigger group. Anyway it was a great deal and wonderful food. We did this for my moms birthday and had a great time. We hope to return to Kona, we loved our food and so did our son.
  6. Rags

    Rags DIS Veteran

    Mar 21, 2004
  7. Cannot_Wait_4Disney

    Cannot_Wait_4Disney Ok all you A cattle, get in ...

    May 18, 2005
    Ok here's another one.

    Restaurant. Crystal Palace.

    Meal. Buffet Breakfast. Includes Juice or Milk and a selection of breakfast type desert things.
    $23.26 including tax and tip for Adults
    $13.46 including tax and tip for children.

    Worth a credit? Monetary wise it was not. It falls under the 1 credit threshold for adults and over the one credit threshold for kids.
    But given we had other buffet dinners and it was a change of pace, we found it worth going slightly under the threshold for a breakfast here. It was delicious. Monetary wise on the plan, I'd suggest a dinner. But if you have a ton of character dinners and want a change of pace, try the breakfast. It won't kill ya to have one that doesn't quite meet the monetary threshold.

    The Breakfast lasagne was yummy as was the omelate bar.
    Tip. Order your omelate, then go through the food line. It will be ready when you're done. unless the line is long.
    The hashed brown casserole was yummy. The rest of the crew reported the Bacon and eggs and other more plain items were done well too. They have a waffle bar with toppings to put on em. The waffles had pooh character designs on them.
    No sharing,
  8. SnwflkCts

    SnwflkCts I wanna go back ... when can I go back???

    Jan 22, 2006
    The DDP was a good value for us. Yes, it is alot of food and yes, we indulged in desserts more than normal but ... it is a vacation and you do walk alot! I listed the three TS we enjoyed the most. We ate at KONA twice, ate outside the plan once and ate at another restaurant that we did not like too much. But I won't mention the name here because there are many discussions about this particular restaurant on other threads.

    LOCATION: Polynesian
    MEAL INCLUDED: DH: Kona Salad, Me: Chicken Soup (homemade)
    Both: Medallions of filet (beef), Yukon Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus
    FOR DESSERT I HAD... DH: Macadamia Nut Pie w/coconut ice cream.
    Me: Kilaheuea Torte (Lava Cake)
    PRICE: $96.00
    IS IT POSSIBLE TO SHARE FOOD: (don’t know)
    ANY RESTRICTION USING DP: None that I knew of
    We loved Kona so much, we ate there twice!!! Had practically the same meal again except did try another of their signature desserts - Apple Brown Betty which was yum & comforting too! Atmosphere was great, food was excellent, service was great too!

    NAME of RESTAURANT: Cinderella’s Royal Table
    MEAL INCLUDED: DH & Me: BLT Salad (DELISH!), Pretzel bread w/honey mustard butter. DH: Pork Tenderloin w/cheesy orzo, Me: Chicken w/polenta
    FOR DESSERT I HAD... DH: Chocolate Mousse Cake, Me: Blueberry Buckle with Lemon ice cream
    PRICE: $97.00
    ANY RESTRICTION USING DP: None that I knew of
    2 TS, but fun place to eat!!! Food and service was excellent!

    NAME of RESTAURANT: Mama Melroses
    MEAL INCLUDED: DH: Tomato & Mozzarella stack salad Me: Field Greens
    DH: Napoleon Eggplant (eggplant parmesan), ME: 4 Cheese Pizza
    FOR DESSERT I HAD... DH: Hazelnut Cheese Cake, Me: Chocolate Gelato
    PRICE: $60.00
    IS IT POSSIBLE TO SHARE FOOD: (don’t know)
    ANY RESTRICTION USING DP: None that I knew of.
    Wonderful, friendly service. Calm, less noisy restaurant.

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