It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
Have a great trip schumi, and don't forget the pics of all the new lobby features.😃

Thanks in advance!
Thanks DR......we’ve had a blast!

And yes, Tom did get one or two pics of the lounge area......didn’t personally try the new grab and go, but it looks amazing!


It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
May 15, 2007
Joining in! I found this 5 pages in and you are over 1/2 way into your trip already!
Sure hope it is going well for the 3 of you. Enjoy!
Looking forward to reading all about when you return!
:welcome: along Caroline........

Yep, last night tonight.......but, it’s been a lovely trip. Haven’t done a whole lot, but it’s been so much fun.

Will be getting it started soon........::yes::

  • SCDizFan

    Dec 29, 2003
    I love your reports!

    We were in Disney 12/1-12/5 and wondered if you all were enjoying the wonderful weather Orlando was having that week!

    My childhood friend Leland Melvin has gone to space twice on the shuttle. An extraordinary experience for sure!


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    May 28, 2009
    Just a note I'm going through your trip thread while drinking a cup of Royal Wedding Tea checking in to see if you have updated. Love all your trip threads.


    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    I love your reports!

    We were in Disney 12/1-12/5 and wondered if you all were enjoying the wonderful weather Orlando was having that week!

    My childhood friend Leland Melvin has gone to space twice on the shuttle. An extraordinary experience for sure!
    :welcome: along SCDizfan......

    Glad to see you here!!

    Oh the weather was beautiful wasn't it...….only one day we felt was really cold, so much so I stayed in the hotel and did some laundry and caught up with friends.....they went to the park. I should have gone though as it wasn't as bad as I thought.

    Hope you had a wonderful visit to Disney!!

    Now I am impressed!!!! I`d love to know someone who flew on any of the Expeditions...….he sounds like a real cool guy and has quite a life story.

    Hope you enjoy this report too......:wave2:


    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    Just a note I'm going through your trip thread while drinking a cup of Royal Wedding Tea checking in to see if you have updated. Love all your trip threads.
    :welcome: along to you too kbelle8995.....

    Oh Royal Wedding tea sounds delightful! I love a good cup of tea.....I have a cup of earl grey right now.

    Yep, just about to start updating today hopefully......we`ve been home a week now, so time to get going......

    And Thank you......that's very kind of you to say......I hope this is one you`ll enjoy too :wave2:


    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007

    And finally I`m getting around to doing the first update of this festive trip report to Universal Orlando Resort and yes, to RPR which really does feel like a second home to us.

    I can`t believe we`ve been home a week already.....the trip didn't feel as though it went past too quickly, but the week since we`ve come home has gone past like a flash!!!! Thankfully we had most of our Christmas organised before we left, but it`s amazing how you always find "stuff" to do when you get back......excluding the mountain of laundry that we bring back with us!!! But, it`s all worth it.

    When we came home in October from our longer trip, I only had 8 weeks till we left again for this trip, so that trip report was done in record time.......housework took a back seat to that.....but we now don't travel till May for our next trip, so I have plenty of time to complete this one without a deadline. Although I do kind of beat myself up if they drag on too long, so I won`t still be writing it next December...….

    And can I just say Thank you for all the lovely comments so far, and for all the lovely messages in private.....I appreciate them all.

    So...…...welcome to our Holiday Trip 2019

    Yes, I admit, I am far too fond of Christmas Gifs!!!!



    Surprisingly we all slept really well last night. Usually we all rumble around not sleeping very much and generally not sleeping.....due completely to excitement. Yes, no matter how many trips we take we still feel that undeniable pre trip excitement that's not completely confined to kids......I think we are worse somehow!!

    Kyle has been in a complete high too.....since he got home from work on Monday when he finished, he`s had a permanent smile on his face. And this morning we heard his shower go before we even got up......yes, he was ready for this vacation more than us I think. Although he had enjoyed a few trips this year, it wasn't Orlando......

    Once we were up we all had a quick breakfast and then packed all our last minute things like toiletries. We had packed the suitcases last night so it only took a few minutes to add in what we needed......and it was so much better when we weren't waving Kyle off to work as we prepared to head off on our trips. And the permanent smiles on all our faces showed we all felt the same way.

    A 20th and final check we had passports, we were ready to go. Our car service was due anytime, and these guys are incredibly punctual so we made sure we had done a final check of the house and out buildings to make sure they were all secure. We did have a key with friends to make sure they could get in if something happened......but fingers crossed they wouldn't be disturbed. And just as Tom did another check of the house, our car service buzzed to say they were here...….it was just after 8am and I felt as though I had been awake for hours weirdly.

    Cases loaded in, we settled down and drove the few hours drive up to Manchester airport. The weather was dreadful the whole way up. We had high winds and heavy rain constantly so it wasn't the nicest of journeys, but we got there around midday which was perfect for always, just in time for lunch...….

    Our driver unloaded the cases and we headed inside to our home for the rest of the day and the evening. We were so looking forward to this trip beginning. The Marriott at Manchester Airport.

    Most of you will of course know we now enjoy a stay here instead of the Radisson where we have stayed for many, many years.....but due to lack of availability due to the Hurricane in September, we switched to staying here and hadn`t looked back.

    It`s a cab or shuttle bus ride to the terminal in the morning instead of a walk down the Skywalk, but we did like it a lot and there was no trouble in taking the shuttle in the mornings. And the restaurant here is so much nicer than the restaurant in the Radisson.

    I`m a bit of a Kevin McCallister for Christmas trees!!!!

    We checked in with the same lady who checked us in for our September trip, she had spent a year working in Universal Orlando a few years back, so she remembered us from that conversation.....nice young lady. As expected our rooms weren`t ready, check in is from 2pm so we were almost 2 hours early, but we knew this and had planned to go get some lunch anyway. We gave them our luggage to hold and they said they`d put it in our rooms as soon as they were available. That was fine with us, we just made sure we kept the bag with our essentials and of course the camera...….Kyle almost immediately laughed as he remembered our penchant for photographs....he promised he`d be

    Yes, first of many pictures together...…..

    Everything about the Marriott is quite lovely. It`s not as big or as flashy as the Radisson, but it is also immaculately clean throughout and everything is sparkling, I`m sure for most folks that`s one of the most important things about a hotel. And it is decorated classically and not too garish the way some places can be.

    We headed in to the very lovely lounge they have.

    The restaurant and the bar sit together and we do plan to eat dinner there later tonight. Raymond Blanc Brasserie, suitably named Brasserie Blanc, is a classic French restaurant with a British flair...…steak and seafood with several other dishes including duck are on offer, plenty of choice for everyone. We had enjoyed our meal and the service too when we ate here in September, so we were very much looking forward to eating here again, and hoped Kyle liked it as much.

    But, as is tradition for us to celebrate the beginning of our trip, we order a bottle of prosecco and Kyle gets an orange and passion fruit drink...…..

    And now it was here...........::yes::


    We were quite comfy sitting here, the lounge is lovely, and a lot busier than it was the last time we were here. It was mainly business folks who were all attached to their laptops having meetings and not looking overly thrilled at being there, a few folks on their own, and then there was us........revelling in our upcoming trip!!!!

    Once we had the drinks, the prosecco was lovely, we checked over the menu for lunch. I had hoped it wasn`t just the dinner menu they had, but no, they did have a smaller bar menu which was very nice too. I should probably have checked before we arrived, but I knew we wouldn`t starve.

    Kyle had an easy and chips......although he did discard the pea puree and the tartare sauce as he doesn`t like either...…he`s not much for garnishes. This was so tasty, he really enjoyed it, especially since it had been many hours since breakfast. A bit of a change from his usual sandwich for lunch.

    Tom was tempted by the fish and chips, but ordered the hot smoked salmon on a roll which came with potato chips and a small salad, this was delicious I have to say too.

    I was quite dull here and went against the grain......I never order things like chicken tenders as I associate that with a children`s menu, and that`s what this was like, but it was very nice and came with a very spicy mayo.......I didn`t want a full meal as I wanted to enjoy dinner later, so this was just enough.

    We passed a couple of hours in the bar after lunch, just chatting and what we were most looking forward to on this trip. Although we were desperate to get to Orlando, we still wanted to savour and enjoy every second of the build up to the trip. So, sitting and chilling was just perfect right now.

    We went through and got our room keys as the receptionist came to tell us the rooms were ready and our luggage had already been taken up, we were glad of this as the hotel is like a rabbit warren and quite a walk to the rooms. She told us the Executive rooms were all located to the very back of the hotel...…it`s only a two storey building and has been expanded 50 rooms at a time over the years, so it`s a very square hotel but the hallways are long!

    Our rooms were next door to each other, which we had asked for, but wouldn`t have been an issue if they hadn`t been. He`s used to being in hotels without us now and has been for a long time.

    They are light and airy and very fresh feeling......Kyle was happy to have one to himself and he took his case to his room once we let ourselves in to ours. The rooms are identical in every way. Not overly fond of the colour if I`m honest, but clean is more important, and they are very spacious too.

    I do prefer a stand alone shower, but, the shower is decent and they do have some nice products to use too. They were the most citrus flavoured shower gels and shampoos I have ever used.....The towels are also quite nice. Not too soft that they don`t dry you properly, but not rough and old either.

    The robes and slippers we never seem to use, the safe is the important thing for us in the`s big enough to hold our important documents and passports. That`s all we need.

    The view from our windows weren`t the most inspiring of was the staff car park and some trees.......not something you take a picture of, so I didn`t.

    With Kyle in his room next door, Tom put the TV on and immediately drifted off for a snooze.

    I got my ipad out and did online check in for our flight tomorrow. It was showing as on time so far and we all got checked in with no issues. Sometimes they make one person check in at the airport, just for security reasons, but today we all got checked in.

    There was also a reminder we had pre ordered our food for the flight.

    This was something quite new it seemed, we had received an email on Tuesday asking if we wanted to pre select the hot meal for the flight, they said to make sure we got the meal of choice and was probably more convenient for them too. But, we did like this new system and hoped it would stay for the future.

    Kyle had now rejoined us and immediately joined his dad watching Top Gear......both laid on the bed, and when I turned round, they both had their eyes closed.........well, this was a good start!!! Two sleepy heads nodding off while watching Top Gear.

    I gave them 15 minutes as I sent an email off and then coughed loudly and said we shoud head down to the Executive lounge where there was some sign of life instead of hibernating in the rooms.

    Coming up next....Executive lounge and dinner.


    It's a bit of a roodie doodie word for lady parts
    May 15, 2007
    Hooray! So glad the trip report is starting! I I think I have just about convinced my hubby to take a long weekend this winter before our annual passes expire. So excited!

    That sounds fabulous Andrea.......a winter break sounds about perfect......this is a cold one so far for us, so I can imagine your weather!!

    And yes, glad to see you’re here for the beginning......I did plan to start on Monday.......but, well, just got a little busy......mostly shopping!!!



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    Nov 28, 2012
    Yay! So happy to see this starting! And with Kyle there we get pictures of you and Tom together! Boy Kyle looks so grown up...I mean, he is, but like all moms I don't ever think of sons growing up!

    I starting pre-ordering meals earlier this year after a miserable trip from Hamburg where I had no choices left by the time they got to my row...Never again!


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    Dec 30, 2010
    Yay! It's started!!!

    Kyle looks the same but different...his hair is a bit longer isn't it? I think he'll be one of those who looks young forever, a curse when you're young but it sure is nice when you're older!! The fish and chips looked yummy, the other food looks good but just not my cup of tea...


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