It pays (actually discounts)to be nice with CRO


Earning My Ears
Feb 18, 2000
I was inspired by the PA posts for special discounts at DXL and thought I'd call CRO to see if I could get any discounts March 3rd for 3 nights. I already have a great rate of $109/nite-thru a code I got off this board that I am not permitted to pass along. But...I'm greedy and wanted to try for the $99 rate like PA residents are getting. I just acted like I didn't have reservations and asked if there were any discounts for the moderates for WI residents for that time period. CRO said no but she'd see if she was able to find anything else. She then asked which mod. I preferred but then stopped me from answering and said don't answer that let's see what I can find. And low and behold she comes up with the $109 rate. She even put a 14 day courtesy hold on the room without a credit card! (I'll call back later and cancel so that room can be opened up right away for someone else.)

The moral of this long story is you catch more discounts with honey than vinegar! So if you are planning a trip in March I would suggest giving them a call, be very very nice and ask if there are any discounts for the moderates.

Hope this helps somebody get a great rate!
It took me about 3 different tries to find a CM at the DC # to be "friendly" enough to hunt around for any discounts!
I was able to get the "upsell" rate for AKL in May. :)
Have a great time!



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