It is Saturday what are you up to??

Discussion in 'W.I.S.H' started by Jiminy102, Mar 8, 2003.

  1. Jiminy102

    Jiminy102 <font color=blue>The TF is busy trying to tag peop

    Sep 4, 2000
    Well I am cleaning and trying to stay away from food!!!!!!!!!!!!! We went to Pizza Hut last night and had some pizza left over. I had the 2 pieces that were left. they had Peperoni and sausage!! Ok Point killer!!! SO I figure if I am good and eat nothing else till dinner and then have something fairly light I have not blown the day!! SO I am cleaning cleaning cleaning!!! and doing Laundry!!!! So what are you up to???
  2. Dizzy-Disney4

    Dizzy-Disney4 <font color=teal>Just happy to be here.

    Apr 1, 2001
    Spring cleaning a few weeks early. DS has been sick all week, as have two of my daycare children, so...the windows are open (since its a whooping 42 degrees out) airing out all the germs and the three bedrooms have all been cleaned from tip top to bottom. Now, I'm starting some laundry, and maybe later I'll attack my living room.

    Good thing about all this cleaning is, I haven't really thought about eating, although I have had an Atkins bar as a snack/light lunch.
  3. nativetxn

    nativetxn <font color=teal>Moderator<br><font color=red>Hono

    Feb 15, 2000
    I'm DISing...have to check the birthday board and WISH everyday, you know.

    I <b>need</b> to be cleaning instead.
  4. AWilliams

    AWilliams Wishing on a star...

    Aug 2, 2000
    I got up early and went to the mall with DH and some friends to try to get tickets to Jimmy Buffett. Unfortunately over 200 other people had the same idea and we didn't get any tickets. I shoped for a little while and then came back here for a healthy lunch and some web surfing.

    Going out for dinner and a movie tonight. I'll have to sneak some healthy snacks into the theater ;)

  5. Kelsie

    Kelsie Administrator Administrator

    Aug 13, 1999
    Working and getting my DD ready for a slumber party tonight. After I drop her off, I'm heading to the Disney Store to get our park passes for Disneyland (2 weeks!!) and some Disney $'s for the girls.

    Trying to stay away from SWEETS!! :(

    Have a great day everyone! :)

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