Is USF worth it for us?


Earning My Ears
Aug 23, 2000
We are putting the finishing touches on our plans for a Feb trip. I would like to go to USF, but my wife doesn't think it would be worth the $ to go because she is not a "ride person". She gets motion sickness real easy. Are USF shows motion sickness "freindly"? Advice from the DIS experts please, and thank you.
I also get motion sickness very easily. I always take Bonine (makes youn less drowsy than Dramamine) and also buy some dried ginger from the health food store to snack on while at the park that realy helps with motion sickness. I find that the bigger rides, like the coasters, actually give me less motion sickness than some of the smaller, spinning rides or motion simulators. I didn't get motion sickness on anything at IOA/Universal when I went but Storm Force at IOA wasn't open yet--now that looks like it may induce some motion sickness! hehehehe I would say the thing that bothered me the most was Back to the Future.
Three and a half years ago we stayed a week at CS in Disney and went one day to USF. I also am prone to motion sickness, so I skipped Back to the Future. I had no problem on anything else. We thought it was a great change from Disney. We liked it so much that next month we are staying 4 nights at DxL and 3 nights at the HRH. Now there is IOA to see also. If you only can spare one day, I think it would be a tough choice.


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